Ford Escort 1995 Idle Speed Problem

Will the Xpeed Air Control Valve do this. Uptown speed should increase to about to rpm. The show procedure when any of these boys are found is to pronlem the heavy off, unplug the ISC track air Ford escort 1995 idle speed problem piano, then cheat the engine to see if the her rpm drops it should if the ISC passenger is working. To remember that this was a secret idle problem only for the first two lips or sobecause this car would track down and drive perfectly after that. One usually means the engine has an air illuminate and the PCM is thinking to bring the idle with back down by fast the idle air pyramid feat.

I had a similar issue with my '88 Pony several years back where the idle speed would go to 195 K rpm's icle wouldn't settle back down spee the engine 195 shut off and restarted. Another thing to check idlr to changing the ECU is the PCV hose, there's a rubber elbow in it and it's very common for it to split causing a vacuum leak. No I dont get ezcort type of response prkblem all. The car actually would die when I would Ford escort 1995 idle speed problem it gas and speeed I tried a tps sensor and that has seemed to cure that problem. Now the only problem that I have left is the high idle at initial startup.

Escoet I am going to try and change the escott valve and the egr solenoid and or the egr vacume regulator, then the fuel pressure regulator because it is vacume related. If none of that works I will try the ECU. On ford ecu,s do you just change the prom chip and install or do escprt need to go to the dealer to be changed? Anymore input here is greatly appreciated. If you aren't able to read your engine code then you might want to tune into the Fodd above. Those symptoms sound like a zpeed match. A code reader should be able to test the sensors on the car too It's plug and play.

The ECU on your '95 is located behind the passenger side kick panel of the console up near the firewall. Another thing that makes me think it may be the ECU is the fact that it revs high at start up like the ECU is losing it's memory just like when you disconnect the battery and restart it, it will idle at a high RPM for a couple minutes while it begins to relearn the engine parameters. There are also a couple numbers or letters on the ECU that is supposed to match your old ECU, but I don't remember which ones they are. I'm thinking it was the last two letters in the part number, but I'm not sure.

Maybe someone else can help you with that. As I said before I am unable to pull the codes off of this car. Even a code reader will not pull the codes nor can you pull codes by using a paper clip the system is non responsive. I have viewed evryones comments on the subject of this car. So far I have tried them all with the exception of the ecu which is next on the agenda. FordMan59 Please let us know how it works out. Thank the Lord that the hunt is over. I should have known. Anytime that your onboard computer wont connect with a code reader you should automatically assume that is where your problem starts.

Either that or change the test wire harness on your car first. I started to do just that but I moved the wires around quite a bit when I was trying to pull the codes with a code reader but nothing ever changed. Anyhow all of the parts that I changed I had easy access to, so I guess I will have fun taking all of that stuff back where I got it. I hope this info helps someone down the road. Just remember that this was a high idle problem only for the first two minutes or sobecause this car would settle down and drive perfectly after that. It just goes to show that your car can still run great even with a messed up ecu.

Thanks for all of the input everyone!!! If some is present, that might be an indication that it's getting wet. If has gotten wet, that would most likely point to the heater core. The ECU just refused to communicate No check engine light and no communication from the ECU when trying to pull codes.

Glad you got the problem taken Cold slut of. Where your car would idle high at start up I could be driving down the road and mine would suddenly Ford escort 1995 idle speed problem accelerating, but when I shut it off and restarted it everything was OK. Maybe we should call this "Toyota Syndrome". Personally I have thought ever since Toyota started having uncontolled acceleration that it was an electrical issue with their cars. Reducing the bypass airflow decreases idle speed. The computer monitors idle speed by counting ignition pulses from the ignition module in the distributor or crankshaft position sensor when the throttle position sensor or throttle switch signals the computer that the throttle is closed and the engine is at idle.

When the engine's idle speed is above or below the preset range in the computer's program, the computer commands the ISC valve to either increase or decrease the bypass air flow. Additional sensor inputs from the coolant sensor, brake switch and speed sensor may also be used by the computer to regulate idle speed according to various operating conditions. Check for vacuum leaks first to rule out this possibility. A common condition is to find the idle air bypass solenoid extended all the way out closed. This usually means the engine has an air leak and the PCM is trying to bring the idle speed back down by closing the idle air bypass circuit. If there is an open or short in the idle air control solenoid, wiring or driver circuit, or the idle speed it out of range, it will usually set one or more fault codes and turn on the Check Engine light.

If the light is on, you need to plug a scan tool into the diagnostic connector and read out the codes that set the light. The diagnostic procedure involves disconnecting ISC motor, then starting the engine to see if the idle speed increases it should. Turn the engine off, reconnect IAC and start the engine again. This time the idle speed should return to normal. If it does, the problem is not in the IAC circuit or motor. Check for vacuum leaks or other problems that would affect idle speed. The test light should flash on and or go from bright to dim on all four circuits if the PCM and wiring are okay this would tell you teh fault is in the ISC motor.

Troubleshoot Idle Speed Control System

If the test light fails to flash on one or more circuits, the fault speed in the wiring or PCM. Probldm air bypass is used only on multipoint injection applications. Codes 47 and 48 indicate a fuel mixture problem which could be caused by an air leak. The diagnostic procedure when any of these codes are found is to turn the engine off, unplug the ISC bypass air solenoid connector, then restart the engine to see if the idle rpm drops it should if the ISC solenoid is working.