First Ford Escort

Even today Jonas I Escorts are still you in the heavy rally scene. Charlie V Urgh. The 'Spoiler' name first lost on a low-spec lady of the s White Gothic. But then again, every teens car has its off loud.

Like the Mexico and RS, this car was produced at the Aveley plant. The first production fotd First ford escort rolled off the production lines on 2 December The estate and van versions used the same panelwork as the Mark I, but with the Mark II front end and interior. The car used a revised underbody, which had in fact been introduced as a running change during the last six months of the life of the Mark I.

A short history of...the Ford Escort

Fifst This car made a point, Firet just four body styles, of competing in many different eecort niches where rival manufacturers had either multiple model ranges or simply none First ford escort fkrd. Panel-van escogt catered to the commercial sector. During the second half of the s, the Escort continued to prove hugely popular with buyers in Britain and other parts of Europe. A cosmetic update was given inwith L models gaining fofd square headlights previously First ford escort to the Edcort and Ghia variants and there was an upgrade in interior and exterior specification for some models. Underneath a wider front track was given. In and three special edition Escorts were launched the Linnet, Harrier and Goldcrest.

Production, after an incredibly popular model run, ended in Britain in Augustother countries following soon after. Also a new and potent model was released, the RS, which had an cc version of the BDA engine. It was essentially a special created for rallying, and surviving road versions are very rare and collectible today. The works rally cars were highly specialised machines. Bodyshells were heavily strengthened. They were characterised by the wide wheelarch extensions pictured rightand often by the fitment of four large spotlights for night stages. Its Macpherson strut suspension and rack-and-pinion steering set it at the zenith of the family car market, but a drastic revelation really kicked things up a gear… It turned out that the Escort was a staggeringly good rally car.

It then proceeded to win pretty much every other rally, well, everywhere. Colin McRae had one. Ken Block has one. This, for many, is THE Escort. Smoky, retro, sideways fun. Check out the oh-so-seventies launch film — this could well be the greatest advert ever made: Building on the success of the earlier XR3i and RS Turbo models, these plastic-bumpered variants found favour with cheeky young tearaways who loved nothing better than to get up to mischief in their Dagenham hatchbacks - often resulting in them ending up wrapped around trees or lamp-posts.

The kamikaze attitude of many owners, esdort with a propensity to rust, means that fotd First ford escort IV is a genuinely rare sight these days. What was once looked down upon as a chavmobile is now revered as an obscure classic. Funny how things change, eh? Mark V Urgh. A cheap, basic, rattly, horrible thing. These have also largely died out, and nobody really misses them. Finding a basic 1. The exception to all this negativity is the frankly sensational Escort RS Cosworth … although that was really a Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 with an Escort body draped over it. It was not good. Fuel-injection was standard across the range, crash structures improved, airbags appeared, and the RS got a 4WD drivetrain.