Diagram 2000 Ford Escort Belt

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From there betl connection would deteriorate very quickly. The result was a completely fried connector that usually resulted in foord alternator failure and plug pigtail replacement. This was common enough 2000 several escoort suppliers included a replacement pigtail along with a rebuilt alternator. You could also readily find them hanging in the parts store electrical section. While the Focus connector is different, the condition is very similar, but with an added new twist. The Focus connector does not usually cause an alternator failure, but can cause a charging system problem. In addition, it installs gremlins.

With the newer electronics, electrical arcing and poor connections create strange behavior in many electrical circuits. In the Focus, for example, this commonly creates erratic dash instrument cluster operation. Yep, an underhood connection is now creating a dash display problem. The display will come and go, operate oddly, and sometimes flat out lie to you. Keep in mind, with the charging system warning on the dash, there is a direct tie between the two components. Combine that with frequency and rough electrical pulses, and you have the cause of the odd behavior.

Ford calls this a wiggle test, and it is still as good now as it was when it was named.

1998-2003 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0L DOHC Serpentine Belt Diagram

If the dash now behaves Digram or gets worse while wiggling, you have found the culprit. Alternator access can be gained from underneath. Removing the oil filter fkrd access However, in many cases, you don't need to replace the plug and connectors. You may be able to remove corrosion or tighten up the contacts to repair the problem. Be sure to check for pin fit in the connector. Slide the timing belt off the camshaft sprockets and the crankshaft sprocket. The camshaft must be held stationary at the hexagons with locking pliers. Do not use the alignment tool to hold the camshaft in position or damage to the camshaft may occur.

To loosen the camshaft pulleys, hold the camshafts by the hexagon. Loosen the camshaft pulleys. Remove the blanking plug from the exhaust camshaft pulley. Loosen the exhaust camshaft pulley bolt. Loosen the intake camshaft pulley bolt. Rotate the camshafts clockwise as necessary.

Install the camshaft alignment timing tool on the back of the camshafts. Confirm the crankshaft position is at the TDC No. Do not rotate the crankshaft; as necessary check that it is still resting against the timing pin. Diagdam lug of the belt tensioner Diagram 2000 ford escort belt not be hooked in the Disgram metal cover during timing belt installation. Position a new timing belt in place. Starting from the crankshaft timing belt pulley and working counterclockwise, position the timing belt in place while keeping it under tension. Incorrect timing belt tension will cause incorrect valve timing. Pre-tension the timing belt. Rotate the tensioner locating tab counterclockwise and insert the locating tab into the slot in the rear timing cover.

Position the hex key slot in the tensioner adjusting washer to the 4 o'clock position. Tighten the attaching bolt enough to seat the tensioner firmly against the rear timing cover, but still allow the tensioner adjusting washer to be rotated using a 6 mm hex key. Tension the timing belt, working counterclockwise.