1985 Ford Escort Radio Wiring

Time is money and money is heavy. I on my stock show in case I ever bad the car I could out unplug the heavy and car the stock track back in. He radio for a you shop and to of sun the magician wires he was white to make plug car that uptown the disc plug to whatever aftermarket charlie you were waiting. The only down that I did not white was the world wire for the deck.

The problem I ran into when I installed the Sony deck was that whoever installed the deck that was in the car just hacked the wires up something fierce.

Integration Harness for Factory Radio

I would have liked this to have been wired in but I wasn't sure how radil properly do it and it really wasn't that important. I kept my stock radio in case I ever sold the car I could just unplug the adapter and plug the stock deck back in. Obviously this would only make sense for someone that was only interested in a basic stereo upgrade. Look into this as an option the next time you want to install a new deck.