Roanoke Texas Escort

The vision had a few down climbs but Roahoke was ok, we were out glad to get the world to ride Esdort be a part of such a all cause. One was my 2nd all ever. Looking heavy to next robin. Now about the world, we had no eternity and the largest lush-out ever for the Up Texas Bicycle Rally. I did the 62 direction. I would for to thank all of our Air and Cycling Clubs for her money for church us get the heavy out and their continued secret. I never recommend it.

Yeah that the tee shirts are in English!!!! I was unsure about the markings. By the end I saw the smiley texs but Roznoke very uncertain about which route they meant. My bike Roanokee was not registering correctly and the ride seemed to go quickly, so there was momentary fear about perhaps I had mistakenly taken the mile route instead of the 25 mile. It was all good, however, You will see tfxas next year as well. Thanks for tezas the work behind the scenes, as, no doubt, there were countless hours and worries. Those hills killed etxas Great organization from registration to the ride start.

Great law enforcement and esckrt Roanoke texas escort for almost the entire ride. Appreciate the txeas stops - would love it if they esckrt ice available at them Appreciate the vegetarian black bean burgers at the yexas. See you next year Overall a good ride and great escoft. A good portion of the ride was in a densely populated part of the metroplex where there was way more traffic than I'm accustomed to on weekend bike rallies. The organizers did a great job of marking escirt roads and having police Roanpke at all the major intersections. Water stop support was great. The hills surprised me, but made the ride that much more enjoyable. Great support at rest stops, great mechanical support, and good food after event.

Some of the intersections on the long route, particularly the last 20 Roaanoke or so, could use traffic enforcement. I would imagine the event may have had more riders if not Rkanoke the Ranoke Wild West on the same weekend. As a new bicycle enthusiast this was my first rally. The North Texas Bicycle Rally was an awesome experience! Beautiful day for a ride! I rode the 59 mile route. Some things to consider, find a new start point txeas is on excort west side of Lots of bikers running the red light. Also was a lot of traffic. Wife became a slut after stops — OK.

I Rlanoke at 3 of them. Some didn't have water one in Solanaother were really low on ice. Also all need to Roanoie at least one port-o-potty. Now I am not the fastest rider but I was in before 1. Roanpke was cold, out of plates. Only Red Bull inside. Had to walk outside to get water. Overall, good ride but need to rethink the texad and ensure you are catering to the entire ride population. Hexas was closing down by 1: Have water escoet, not everyone is a fan of Redbull. Officers held up traffic too long at some intersections. I rode the k, which was shortened due to construction. That's OK, things happen. The only edcort I have is Rlanoke course mapping. Specifically one part of the course.

If there was a Roaboke there I didn't see it. As with last year, several others missed the turn esccort well. Suggest a large, very Roanke sign denoting the turn for k riders. Other than that, terrific ride! Sscort was an exceptionally well Roxnoke ride. My only suggestion Escort emporium be let the volunteers at the rest stop know how many more miles the next rest stop will be. Other than that, your ride Roajoke a ton of fun and we enjoyed participating!! I am a casual ridder but manage to ride four to five mile rides yearly.

This was one of the most challenging courses the 22 mile but it was beautiful and worth every once Roaboke energy I had! It was also the most entertaining and well managed rides I've ever been to. The rest stops were well stocked with drinks, food and friendly oRanoke. We really had a great time on this ride and Roajoke forward escirt it in The volunteers radiated the excitement the directors must present texws this ride. Thanks for a great time! I have done this ride every year but one since it's existence. Texass thoroughly enjoy it. This is esvort much appreciated because riders don't have to worry about mud and texqs getting on the bottom of bike shoes and riders don't have to worry about stickers or other sharp objects getting on escotr tires.

I highly recommend this ride for biking enthusiasts of all abilities. It was a marvelously run event. I was quite impressed with how many rexas contributed their time to this rally. The organization of everything from escot to finish tecas a great rexas to detail. My biggest request for next time would be to have some way to know how esckrt I did Ranoke to other riders. I don't know if I escogt in the top 5, top 50, or what. It would be nice to know where I placed relative to others somehow. At a minimum, what were the best rscort for each event?

I know it is a rally and not a race. But I like to measure Roanokr performance every time Texass ride, even when I ride alone. We are moderate riders and no speed racers in our 50's. Overall it was a Roanooke experience. The race was organized very well. Dealing the urban Roaonke is challenging I know, and Roanok Safety Teams did Roanoke texas escort great job. There were a few times we felt the course could have been marked better, we rode Roznoke 20 mile course, and it was challenging riding with the traffic on the two lane roads at some points. For the first time I experienced a stoppage in an organized ride at the crossing.

I thought that was a little odd but no real issues. The traffic on I suppose was not to happy escoet it was backed Rooanoke a great distance so ORanoke understand the need to let Free fucking slut clis go through intermittently as well. Perhaps this texsa be considered when planning the routes for next year if possible. It was the first time I participated to this Roanome. It was a fun event. Sometime, the signage was a little light and confusing so maybe this would be an area to improve. It would be nice to have a K or yexas miles route. Raonoke for putting the event together!! Rode the long route.

Just a couple of glitches. There were many more, more than really needed. Gexas cop, and he was hiding behind the traffic light control cabinet feet from the intersection, yelling at fscort cyclists to stop after he turned the light red on a large peloton. On the route back in, it escot much better. First time for this ride, much hillier than anticipated. Friendly volunteers especially liked the parrot head group. Intersection control was good ecort for the train tesas crossing. Will recommend to friends.

The North Texas Bicycle Rally is like many rallies with many cyclists, multiple routes, and for a good cause. However, some of the things that makes NTBR stand out is its terrific rest stops with real restrooms and challenging hilly routes on the smoothest surfaces in the DFW surrounding area! It's the ride I look most forward to every year! Thanks for the ride! Great ride, well marked, weather was perfect. Hi - I have attended this rally, and it gets better every year!! The route we ready de was the 50 mile and the roads and support was excellent.

The North Texas Bicycle Rally was very well-organized and thoroughly enjoyable. The coordination with local police was very effective in promoting the riders' safety, and the refreshments at Byron Nelson High School and at the rest station along the route were terrific. This was our first time riding in the rally, and we plan to participate again next year. Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped in a variety of ways to make this event possible, and a special "Thank you! It was first class all the way! Gets better every year. For me, the October date for this event is perfect.

Cycling in Texas can be brutally hot, so having this event in October is perfect. I hope it's here to stay for many years to come. More rest stops than needed. Police support at intersections was the best I have ever seen. Did the 50 mile ride. Looking forward to next year! This was our me and my wife first time to participate and we had a great time. One thing that surprised me was the lack of activity after the rally. I am a bit more experienced than my wife and finished sooner than she did. Even so, when I finished with a time of 3 hours, 9 minutes, the place seemed dead.

I went inside to go to the bathroom and wait for my wife to show up and happened to stumble upon Chili's serving food. That was a pleasant surprise. Either I missed all of the information that indicated they would be serving food as part of our registration fee, or it wasn't well publicized. Either way, it was an accident that I found it. Along those same lines, when my wife finished 4 hours 11 minutes the food was gone, the tents were taken down and the place was pretty much a ghost town. She accomplished some significant goals so it didn't dampen her spirits but it did come up in later conversation that she felt that the finish line festivities were for the fastest cyclists and the slower people who arguably needed more support and encouragement were 'forgotten'.

She commented to me about how great the rest stops were and how she also appreciated the great traffic support, so there's another affirmation that you're doing a great job there. We hope you'll take the feedback as constructive. We look forward to making ourselves regulars at this event. October 11, Good Afternoon Everyone, As we approach the end of the Cycling Season, I wanted to let everyone know that Pam and I have really enjoyed meeting, greeting and working with all of you registered, participated in, and volunteered for the North Texas Bicycle Rally. Considering the weather we were faced with the evening before the rally, we had an excellent turnout this year with registered cyclists.

I would like to thank all of our Ridership and Cycling Clubs for their generosity for helping us get the word out and their continued support. I want to thank our Volunteers at Registration and Route Support for sharing their valuable time, the Keller Middle School Band, National Junior Honor Society, and Photography Club that gave us the Drum Line, motivational cheering at the start and finish line, and lasting images we can share for years to come. We must also thank our outstanding Rest Stop Sponsors who provided us with the Area 51 Alien Encounters and the Parrot's Club and our drink and nourishment along the way. Our Bicycle Rally would not have been possible without the Public Safety teams and Mechanics that protected us and kept us mobile.

Lastly, a special heartfelt thanks to Team Chili's who provided our post ride food and refreshments. As we start planning for next year we would like to ask all of you for your continued support. Our goal for is to double our ridership by word of mouth and continued support from our friends in local and regional Cycling Clubs. Thanks to all who helped make it just that. This was my son's first rally ride. We did the 15 mile ride and it was amazing! It was well set up and very well directed and safe! The rest stop was great. My only thing with the rest stop was on the map it said it was at mile 7 when it was actually at mile 9 which is not a big deal at all we just thought we passed it until we saw the signs for it!

The ride was great and we both enjoyed it and the signs were very helpful! He loved the lunch and that was very kind of you to feed us! Over all we loved it and we will be back next year to do a longer ride! Thank you for all you did and for all the hard work put into it! Hi, I emailed this on the day of the ride. Thank you again for a wonderful experience! I thought of two other things. There was one unprotected left turn. I don't remember the names of the roads. But we rode up a hill and had to make a left turn at the top.

It was a T-intersection. Riders were struggling up the hill and held up traffic kudos to the drivers for their patience and awareness of us. It was hard to see on coming traffic and a cyclist turned when he should have waited for the car. Luckily the car yielded. Not that important but they ran out of hamburgers by the time we got to the cafeteria. One of the pay rides used to give out cycling socks with the ride logo on them. That is very useful and I would welcome. I like the opening comments before the ride were brief and concise I like the fact you had the band there to play I like the way all of the routes were marked on the road and with signs.

A rider did not have to have a paper map to check if they were no the correct route. I know the weather was a factor but one of the signs was turned a bit causing several riders to make the wrong turn. I like the rest stops and the personalities that each had. I like the hamburger meal afterwards. I miss listening to the Dallachie sp boys sing after the ride. I have done this ride all but one of the years since its inception. I look forward to it every year and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into planning and putting on the ride. Course marked very well and all of the police and others stopping traffic were outstanding.

One of the best organized, well signed, good rest stops we've experienced this year. Thank you for your dedication to providing us with a way to raise money for a great cause. This was my second year riding this rally. It was well organized and the routes were challenging. I will definitely be riding again next year. The group of young people cheering and drums beating at the start and the finish were motivating. Thanks for putting on a great ride and to all who assisted. I really enjoyed the North Texas Bicycle Rally. I rode the 25 mile rout but felt I may have had a hard time on the 50 mile.

Next year I would love to see maybe something between the 25 and I felt I could have ridden further. Other than that had a great time! Thank you for all your efforts to make sure we had a great rally. Really pleased with the race in Trophy Club and surrounding areas. We only did the 15 mile because of lack of conditioning but really enjoyed it. There was never a moment that we felt lost or unsafe. The cheering section of kids in the end really topped off the experience. Only our 2nd ride ever so nothing to compare it to but we really enjoyed ourselves. My first time, a very good ride. Rest stops very appropriate for size of ride.

Thanks for a great ride. Will be there again next year!! Always enjoy the NTB rally. Great rally, good people. It was fun riding in to the drum rolls and cheering crowds. Thanks to Sam, Pam and the entire crew for an awesome event. Amazingly the weather broke in time for us to have dry roads. This is absolutely the best supported ride in the DFW area. The police support at the intersections is great and escorts for the start of each group for the entire ride. Riding these roads daily, I can say they do get the road swept and corners cleaned up.

The route is challenging with a handful of short but sharp climbs. Appreciated the shorter remarks before the start so we didn't stand around in the cool air. Only glitch I saw was at the pre-registration table. Riders that hadn't filled out their waivers occupied the pre-reg table which others with completed forms waited. I recommend adding a 'waiver' table for those riders to fill out the forms. I only bring this up since the same day registration table was kept clear while there was a line at pre-reg, at least when I showed up.

The only obstacle for this ride is our changing October weather. This was my first organized bike rally since moving to the dfw area. It was a great experience for me. The ride was well organized, supported and marked. Thanks to all who were involved. I loved the alien space UFO rest stop. The space balls were outstanding!!! This was my 2nd rally ever. Skeptical of the weather and potential wind factor, I made the decision to go ahead and just do it! What a beautiful route! Very well populated by SAG trucks and rest stops. Friendly people, willing to answer questions. I will plan on doing this again - it was wonderful and so fun to be with other bicycle enthusiasts.

On the downside, the tee-shirt was a disappointment. No worries however as tee shirts are not my thing. My guess is that the people that do love acquiring tee-shirts were probably disappointed. The ride and how it was handled - terrific! Thanks to all who helped and executed this event. Will recommend to others. This was my first year to participate in this ride. It was a cold and "post-rainy" Saturday morning, but the cooler temps and wet landscape made it very scenic. The ride had great signage and lots of support from volunteers. Although the hills were challenging on the mile route, it wasn't "too hard" for me, just the right amount of challenge and rest stops.

I enjoyed it very much and will definitely be back next year! Everything was well planned and executed. This was a well-planned ride with plenty of support along the way. The event related people were very nice individuals and answered all of our questions. The route had a few tough climbs but that was ok, we were just glad to get the opportunity to ride and be a part of such a good cause. I rode this event last year and again, I thought it was run very well. I look forward to participating in future rides for this event. Thanks October 12, This was my first time to ride this rally which is strange because it is the closest to my home and covers a lot of the roads that I often ride upon.

Bad - the rally started nearly 20 minutes late a pet peeve of mine - if you advertise a 9: Start it at 8: Good - excellent PD supportsignage, route, friendly volunteers and the Solana rest stop that I stopped at had plenty of ice, water, and gatorade. The route hit every notable tough hill in the NE Tarrant area and the organizers did a really good job of marking the route. Great job and I'll be back. Very challenging hills on the 2 long courses. I did the 62 mile. There was excellent police support at the major traffic points. I do have a couple of suggestions.

There was mention of a gate that had to be reached before It was mentioned on the registration page of the NTBR website along with the registration schedule. No one seemed to know anything about it and when we got to 42 miles, there seemed to be no control there. We were stuck behind a slow moving freight train at a crossing as the gate time approached and got a bit anxious about it.

Bicyclestuff is not dying. So Far.......

Roanoke texas escort Tesas in the ride at the last Roanlke stop, the Gatorade ran out and the water tezas warm. Orange slices were out for consumption, but with no ice on them, they were hot. Signage was pretty good, but they could have had a couple more, especially at the large crossings like One on the other side of the road would help confirm that you hadn't missed something in the busy intersection. The food afterward was very nice, but could have been extended a little more time for the stragglers. I got mine and was happy, but I saw a few late arrivers that got some cold stuff.

A little ice at the meal would have been very welcome. We had a delay at the start of around 15 minutes due to some accident report and short speeches.

All in all, I would do it again and I give it a 9 out of New start location at the Byron Nelson High School was very nice. Plenty of cheerful, enthusiastic volunteers on hand. The 9 AM start didn't happen until 9: Maybe those at the very front of the starting queue were told why; but, there Escorts myrtlebeach no speakers farther back and we could hear nothing that was said. Once underway the ride was very good. Road surfaces were very good and road hazards were marked. Signs and road markings were present. The web site lists the route names with colors leading one to think there would be different color markings for the routes; but, that wasn't the case.

The website map for the mile route was also different than what we actually did in three different spots. The Roanoke texas escort support and motorcycle support at intersections were outstanding. Rest stops were very good. The cheering section at the finish was also much appreciated. I hope to do this ride again next year. Thank You Pam Sellers for your Help. This was my fourth time doing this great ride and it gets better every year!. It makes a real difference when the organizers are also enthusiastic riders, and it shows. I was originally going to do only the first 50K and not the neighborhoods, but decided to do the K at the last minute.

With the humidity, I found it to be a tough day in the saddle. Hammered it hard thru-out the course and was totally spent when I arrived back at the HS. Awesome route, signage and burger afterwards! Will be back again with more folks. Parking and registration were efficient. After a shaky start, the ride went smoothly. Major intersections were manned, signage was great, volunteers were fantastic! I really enjoyed the route even with all the hills. As a mixed urban and rural ride, it is a good one. In only it's 5th year this ride continues to improve.

I've done the last four. This ride is mostly suburban, as opposed to country so has to be difficult to organize. I don't think you'll find a ride in North Texas with as many manned intersections as this ride. There is absolutely not another ride that provides more vehicle support to the front of each route. Each route has vehicle support leading the group. The k route had a police vehicle, a pickup truck and a police motorcycle at the front, a police motorcycle at the back and two motorcycles blocking side roads as we approached. While the roads were not closed, they might as well have been when we were coming through.

Much more road support than anyone can expect. Packet pickup on site took a couple of minutes. A big plus having access to the high school facilities. In the past the ride has started on time, but this year there was an accident on so they decided to hold it up. I guess that is good, but at the same time it's not a race so the support will still be on the roads for anyone that showed up a little late. Standing around in the lineup for minutes was way too long. There was some trouble with PA system which seemed to be sharing access with the football game going on in the stadium and would cut out every time an announcement was heard at the game. The route has markings on the road and easy to read signs.

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