Ford Escort Zetec Engine Specification

Fitments are for the mark top engije, and both party and funk top 2. If you do mind to find a knackered bottom end, dont white trying to church it. For most lips, the 2. A radio boost valve will help glass the flat fast between 3,rpm.

You can actually use the standard injection combined with a new Weber Alpha kit that works with the OE inlet manifold. Fitments are for the silver top s, and both silver and black eecort 2. Power achieved is, approx bhp for a 1. However, these are really the specirication of the Ford escort zetec engine specification induction and further increases are not possible, unlike their other kits. Webcon cannot confirm fitment but like us believe it should work. If you want to go beyond the zerec of the standard induction though, we can supply a Zpecification Alpha kit, which replaces the system altogether and is incredibly comprehensive - all is there for you to bolt it straight on, including manifold, linkage, even air filters.

On an PS engine, you should see bhp and bhp on a 2 litre. Either of these two systems will provide enough fuelling for plenty of future modifications. Fit one of our stage 1 heads plus a pair of Kent FZ cams and you should see power around bhp. The Kent FZ cams will give you between bhp depending on stage of head, coupled with 48mm throttle bodies. Starter motor and alternators Zetecs are usually saddled with a 60 or 70amp alternator to cater for a modern cars' power-hungry electrical system, with their electric windows and air conditioning. The problem is that it will probably get in the way of the carbs or throttle bodies you want to use.

However, you're unlikely to need an alternator with that much power so to gain some more room you can replace them with a Lucas or Brise alternator. I'm using the Brise version, which is a very tiny 49A model. You can also use one from a Pinto engine, although it will need a 14mm spacer between it and the engine to give the correct pinion throw. Heads and cams Like many four-valve modern heads, the alloy Zetec unit is pretty good straight out of the box. It has good tumble which allows it to produce a healthy torque curve but that is not to say that gains can't be made. Careful porting can provide worthwhile flow improvements and there's room for bigger valves if you're after more than bhp.

The Zetec 16 Valve Engine

A standard head on a 2. With big valves and careful gas flowing you can squeeze engien. You'll need vernier cam pulleys to get the best out of even standard cams. For road use his works fine. However if you are planning the odd track-day or want to go racing you need a sump modified to suit RWD.

These are available together with dipstick and dispstick tube from speciifcation vendors. Dont go too big on oil capacity. If the oil Fkrd falls below this engine wear Ford escort zetec engine specification rapidly. Well, its popular amongst the Ford Escort and Fiesta Turbo owners. It allows them to build a higher capacity engine than the original CVH engine cc and it also allows them to retain the original manifolds and Turbo system. Figures of up to BHP have been quoted with this straight forward modification. Jim Hearne is currently producing some information on the Zee-VH and rather than re-invent the wheel, follow this link to Jim's site for all the technical details Zee-VH information page.

Another engine conversion that follows the Turbo route, is of course the Zetec Turbo, where the 16V head is retained. Another excellent web site full of photos and technical information on the Zetec, is Mark Stewarts site.