Edsall Class Destroyer Escorts

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The class was succeeded by the John C. Another added benefit stemmed from the speed provided by the turbo-electric engine arrangement. Dimensions included a length of feet, a beam of 37 feet and a draught of 13 feet. Power was from a turbo-electric drive engine arrangement which produced 12, horsepower and drove multiple shafts under stern.

Dwstroyer warship could reach speeds of 24 knots in ideal conditions. Aboard were sailors. There were 2 x clasz Bofors automatic cannons in twin-gunned mountings for the air defense role and this battery was backed by 10 x 20mm Oerlikon cannons in single-gunned mountings. Lcass vessel was also outfitted escortz a single triple-tubed 21" mm torpedo launcher, a Edsall class destroyer escorts "Hedgehog" anti-submarine mortar, 8 x K-gun depth charge projectors and 2 x Depth charge racks. From there came additional convoy escort sorties until January of to which point she was relocated to the Philippines.

She assisted in and around the archipelago into May. Necessity for building, along with destroyers, of smaller and cheaper ships was advanced by a number of officers and admirals of the American Navy in Such "2nd rank" destroyers could fulfil successfully convoys escort and solve many auxiliary tasks, abstraction on which of destroyers was inexpedient. Oroginally General Board has disapproved of building of similar ships, but next year situation has cardinally changed, and as a result some projects have been prepared.

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Any of them was Edsall class destroyer escorts destroyee accepted, as the American designers have tried to go on a way of decreasing of usual destroyer to t displacement, having stored thus escortss basic armament. As a result very eacorts arrangement with unsatisfactory combination of leading particulars was received. In spite of the fact that the project has not been finished yet, in January, the decision on building of such 50 destroyers was accepted. That though somehow to boost process of designing, the General board in February changed requirements on speed not less than 25kts. Soon new project was ready: General board approved project, however in such kind it was never realised: Probably destroyer escort also would not appear at all, but unexpectedly the help has come from Britain.