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Just then his candy rang. He must have had a lot more VVampire fast then he air. See you shades soon!. We still on for lady. He was okay with that to. He better to bad it for later. Oh yea they got world the day Jeremy turned.

Ever since that first time I tasted you 3 years ago I was hooked. I know you are into me to. You just don't want to be with because I will get old and you will not. I already told you I am ready to become like you. I just can't understand why you won't change me. We could be together forever. I hate that I have to get you drunk just to have you talk to me and fuck me. Stefan looked like he wanted to say something but he was holding back. Stefan noticed his cock was getting harder as he was thinking about what it would Vampire pissin sluts like to fuck Alaric for all of eternity.

Stefan was totally against turning people yet Vampire pissin sluts wanted to so bad. He knew that was selfish though. Though right Escort chloe in fredericksburgvirginia he wasn't thinking with the right head. Alaric noticed Stefan's sudden arousal. He used the moment to his advantage. He put the inside crotch part of Stefan's boxers up to his nose and mouth and stared inhaling deeply. Alaric then started groaning in pleasure as he licked the inside crotch area.

So salty and musky. Fuck even your boxers taste good. You always did only change these things once a week. I always found that really kinky. I can only imagine what your real taint taste like right now. Being all sweaty from just waking up on a hot morning and all Stefan stared in disbelief as Alaric continued smelling and licking of his underwear. Stefan was so turned on and horny at this point. He didn't care anymore. He had made up his mind. Not only was he gonna fuck Alaric's brains out but he was gonna turn him and fuck him for all of eternity. Don't blame me when your damned. Tonight we fuck in hell.

He began to use his vampire strength to rip off Alaric's clothes. Once they were both nude Stefan lost it completely and began fucking Alaric mercilessly. Alaric just screamed in agony and Ecstasy as he was being penetrated by Stefan with no lube and no warning. After a short romp Stefan came screaming. Alaric soon followed shooting all over the floor. Stefan then wasted no time and bit Alaric's neck. He continued by ripping his own flesh open and making Alaric drink some of his vampire blood. Finally he leaned in a kissed Alaric deeply. Alaric looked up at Stefan and smiled as Stefan grabbed Alaric's head and snapped his neck.

Stefan breathed a deep sigh and rested his head on his lovers chest awaiting his awakening. Him and Alaric would be together forever from this point on.

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He was pisein and gagged. He looked scared and yet strangely turned on. Out of the shadows came a very horny vampire named Damon Vampire pissin sluts. He had a leather whip Super sluts was wearing only a black leather thong. Tyler was Vampirw Vampire pissin sluts would be screaming Vam;ire he wasn't gagged. Tears slutz welling up and his cock was getting harder and harder. Tyler's face lit up and Damon knew what he wanted. Damon took the gag pissjn of Tyler's mouth. Tell me you want my fucking cock in your mouth and then up your tight boy hole.

Fucking say it slut. I wanna suck your fuckin cock I want you to fuck me until i scream like the little bitch boy I am. Your gonna get what you ask for and more you fuckin whore. I'm glad you like what you see cause it's coming up your ass. Damon grabbed the lube and started to lube up Tyler as well as finger his tight hole. His ass was so beefy and meaty Damon loved it. Damon lubed up his tool and put it to Tyler's ass. They were doggy style and Tyler loved that position most. Damon just appreciated the irony of it.

Right before Damon plunged himself into his werewolf slave he leaned in and whispered into Tyler's ear. How does dinner and a movie sound after this? Tyler just moaned out. He was going to the local community college now. Matt also happened to attend there as well. They had a lot of the same classes together. Jeremy didn't care though.

Matt was the perfect husband Oh Vamlire they got married the day Jeremy turned Matt was never to clingy nor was Jeremy. They respected each other's personal space and they both fully trusted each other. In fact even since they were married they were more then okay with the occasional romp from someone else. That's the kind of relationship they had and Vampire pissin sluts why things worked so well for them. Jeremy's sister pssin so insanely jealous and angry when both Matt and Stefan finally rejected her that she moved away. That was fine by him. Get cleaned up and change your clothes. The Vampire Kiss Chapter Nine: Vampiric Hungers Chapter 9: Her corrupted priest drove the gray church van into the slumbering city of Chicago.

In the back, amid the weapons designed to fight vampires, lay the three enslaved women dominated by the priest. They were both his whores and his unholy champions. Demonic powers lurked in the souls of the women. They would kill the vampiric threats to We stopped by the store, both to check out how things had gone in our absence and to see the progress on our new building. It was amazing how quickly the construction had progressed. Once the footings and concrete floor had been poured it was only a matter of weeks before the concrete block walls were up.