Boy Sluts

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Whether that's Boy sluts innate male instinct or simply indicative of a society where a minority with disproportionate money and power will use any means possible to slust anyone down, regardless of gender, was the main sticking point between the two dluts teams my slluts opinions of course dwelling within the latter, less misandric theory. Can a man ever truly call himself a feminist? Think about slang terms like "pussy whipped" and the casual expressions we use to inadvertently condone and dismiss girl-on-guy abuse in relationships which I've written about for Telegraph Men before.

What struck me more than this, however, was the constant assertion made by the opposition that the word "slut" has "no male equivalent". Think about words like "wet", "weak", "drippy" and "sissy" or the catch-all emotion-stiffling command, "man-up". I'm still a 'real' man and you still have to respect me.