Xas Gay Male Escorts

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Geovanni's credible and uncontradicted testimony about the inherent and immutable nature of his sexual identity compels the conclusion that Geovanni was a member of the particular social group of gay men in Mexico with female sexual identities.

225 F. 3d 1084 - Geovanni Hernandez-Montiel v. Immigration and Naturalization Service

There simply is no logical connection between Geovanni's failure to answer questions regarding arrests in the United States and the Xas gay male escorts by police officers in Mexico. Professor Davies testified that it is "accepted" that "in most of Latin America a male before he marries may engage in homosexual acts as long as he performs the role of the male. The Seventh Circuit has noted that this requirement "read literally, conflicts with Acosta's immutability requirement. We examine the BIA's factual findings under the substantial evidence standard.