Rock And Roll Sluts

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Take rokl moment to meet the cover band that's going to make you forget about the Beatles. Striking the perfect balance between Bruiser and Queen, this duo formed in and features Morgan Nusbaum on guitar and vocals and Jason Potter on drums. We are The Ignorant Sluts, the greatest cover band to have never actually played a live show in front of real people.

The Dwarves - Invented Rock N Roll

amd After picking your gender and a name, you can then browse eoll a number of head types, pick through various hair styles, change your height and weight, tweak your skin tone, and choose a style like Rock and roll sluts or punk. The number of clothing, shoe and accessory options at your disposal is pretty insane, and we're told that what we saw didn't include a myriad of unlockable items. I waited for the soundman to cut the band but still they played on… In fact, the soundman had such a huge boner for Nicole he left the soundboard to come up front, rock out, and cast his vote for the Whores!

Tell all your friends or we will hunt you down and kill you.