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Diy auto repair ford escort body wu are more subtle; the rear guards were pumped, the locks shaved and the roof vent smoothed. The theme contines into the luggage area, where Gary made unique floor and side panel designs The Ford escort for sale au step was the running gear, esdort brings us to another Ford escort for sale au rule of building affordable zale Avoid costly aftermarket parts and do the best with what you have.

The brakes are a case-in-point, a mixture of highly detailed but inexpensive Volvo, Camry and Laser parts — the only bling being the Wilwood master cylinder in the engine bay. The front end is also largely standard, apart from the front Capri struts with Koni dampers and custom-made springs, all of which is adjustable for caster and camber as well as ride height. This permits a low stance over the 15x6 Convo Pros without needing to flare the guards or fit airbags. The bay is a great example of elite car-building, with all holes, seams and joints welded and smoothed Gary never had the urge to a fit an engine with more cylinders.

Thus, no further work was required. The engine bay was another matter. A filler strip was welded along the top of the skirts to fill the void where the guards attach. All brake lines and wiring is hidden. I started by replacing the original cluster with a Dakota digital unit; this meant welding and repainting the dash without damaging the outer paintwork, and modifying the crash pad to suit the new shape. Flat floors front and rear, under-dash covers and a rear console with speaker housings were next, before the car was sent to Kool Trim to add the suede headlining.

Gary says there were no unexpected problems during the build until right at the end. The newly painted shell was delivered back from All Class Body Works on December 18 — about three weeks before its debut in Canberra. The same tuned 1. Later, an Ford escort for sale au version of the Escort was produced known as the "E". This featured the same 13" road wheels and flared wings of the Sport, but was trimmed in an upmarket, for that time, fashion with wood trim on the dashboard and door cappings. A higher performance version for rallies and racing was available, the Escort Twin Cam, built for Group 2 international rallying. This engine had originally been developed for the Lotus Elan.

The Escort, driven by Australian driver Frank Gardner went on to comfortably win the championship. The Mark I Escorts became successful as a rally car, and they eventually went on to become one of the most successful rally cars of all time. This gave rise to the Escort Mexico cc "crossflow"-engined special edition road versions in honour of the rally car. Introduced in November10, Mexico Mark Is were built. As well as higher performance engines and sports suspension, these models featured bodyshells using additional strengthening panels in high stress areas making them more suitable for competition.

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This also clocked up some rally escoft racing victories; and pre-empted the hot hatch market as a desirable but affordable performance road car. Like the Mexico and RS, this car was produced at the Aveley plant. The four-door sedan was added in Trim levels were revised after the UK facelift with just one run of 1. Base and L trims were offered to the end of the Mk I run. Estate versions were mostly imported. Australia[ edit ] The Mk I was produced by Ford Australia from to as a two- or four-door saloon and as a two-door panel van. Assembly from UK-sourced kits started in April