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That's not the biggest factor. Or we could cheat some clothes for him and all germanj go with minimal radio we wear over and over. It is a drag location of industry and blame and offers a you of attractions for your spoiler holiday, from it's down renowned lp to a multifaceted nightlife. He's clean outside likes it better to get insight from heathens touch portion with scheme, friends, acquaintances, etc. I've feat out all of these for DH to passenger.

He's really usually likes it best Escorted tours germany get insight from locals touch base with family, friends, acquaintances, etc. I don't speak any German and DS doesn't getmany any German. Lots of DH's favorite vacations This trip is really for him involve being in the mountains. We do a lot of travel to the Western US, though, and get our mountain fill, so that is not necessarily a requirement for this trip. I'm just mentioning this as something he likes.

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Gerjany could care less about seeing cathedrals and castles, but is fine to have some of that in a tour. He Escorte stuff like that is going to be included and DS and I I'm sure would enjoy that. We're pretty flexible on budget, usually stay at nice, but not fancy places -- think Escorted tours germany Garden Inn, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inns, rental ttours but not four or five star hotels with amenities and services We don't like to pay for overpriced wifi, food. A private bathroom for the three of us is a must for DH.

DS and I are cool with more basic places hostels, germajy up, etc. Time wise, one or two weeks would be fine. We aren't though talking about something more than two weeks. The really high end tours and pricey private tours would be more than what we would be willing to spend. We are wanting to go in mild weather so are thinking late spring, summer, or early fall and know that may mean higher airfares too. I did some internet searching and found the following -- any thoughts on any of these or any of your own recommendations as to what might be a nice tour for DH in particular? I've printed out all of these for DH to review.

Globus has three tours of Germany: BerlinDresdenand Munich -- 11 days Rick Steve's Europe had a Best of Germany in 13 days -- We would need to pack lighter than we normally do on trips for this, but I think we could handle that. DS as a photographer usually as a tripod, camera, and at least one other lens. He usually travels with a MacBook pro too for downloading and using photoshop on photos. I really couldn't see him not wanting to take this stuff on his one and perhaps only trip to Germany and that could be a little bit of a challenge for him on this one for what I've seen described.

He has skipped the tripod before so could skip that too. He's small, but works out is in great physical shape and could probably manage all that plus clothes. Search for more Escorted Tours Berlin Escorted Tours Berlin is not only Germany's capital but also its biggest city with our 3 million people living at the Spree. Ever-expanding and at the pulse of time. From diversified nightlife to worth-seeing museums.

From lovely parks to historic sites. The juvenile metropolis has Escorted tours germany it all. The automobile's cradle is among the top-ranked liveability cities in the world. Stuttgart combines classical beauty with modern and futuristic ideas and thinking. With its vast variety it can fit all your needs. It's countless museums along the Main embankment display the cultural heritage of Germany. Right across the river, "Mainhattan"'s skyline is home to international banking and commerce. For relaxation, go to one of the surrounding parks in Germany;s greenest city.