Dream Interpretation Single Light Bulb Swinging

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Light bulb - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of more than one camel is lucky and suggests money is coming your way. Cat Dreaming of a walking cat is to suggest you too will need to make a journey. Dreaming of a mewing cat is to know that someone is bad mouthing you. If the cat in your dream scratches itself then someone is seeking to trick you and if the cat purrs there is the danger that you may become a hypocrite. Cuckoo If you see a cuckoo in your dream then this suggests quarrels in your love life, a new lover or both. To hear the cuckoo but not see it is to know that a false friend will Dream interpretation single light bulb swinging you with bad advice.

Deer If deer run from you in the dream then you are at risk of upsetting a friend. If the deer approach you in the dream then you will have the chance of reconciliation with a former close friend. Dog To dream of your own dog is lucky — suggesting loyal friends. Dreaming of strange dogs may suggest unwelcome attention from strangers however dreaming of mad dogs which attack and bite is actually a good omen. When a dog speaks in a dream it is representive of advice from friends or strangers. Donkey Dreaming of a donkey suggests that you have the Dream interpretation single light bulb swinging to overcome your current Vip escorts france. Dove To dream of a dove falling from the sky is unlucky and suggests that a relative faces very serious threat and may die.

Dreaming of doves in all other instances is a positive omen of peace and prosperity. Eagle Dreaming of an eagle on the ground or an eagle landing is to dream of disappointment. Dreaming of a flying eagle is to suggest that success and the realisation of future ambitions. Elephant An elephant in your dream suggests success and powerful new friends. Fish A school of fish in your dream implies that friends are coming to help you. A single fish is representative of well-being and prosperity. Fox A fox in a dream represents a sly and dangerous rival, enemy or false friend. Frog Dreaming of a frog or frogs is lucky. Goose A goose represents disappointment. Killing the goose in your dream, however, is to indicate that you will succeed.

Hen Dreaming of a hen with its chick is to suggest that you will soon lose or damage something. Dreaming of a clucking hen suggests joy and a silent hen is to suggest sadness. Plucking a hen in your dream is an omen of monetary gain. Horse Dreaming of more than one horse is an omen of independence, health and happiness. Riding a horse in a dream is a good omen of money and friends. Falling off a horse in a dream is to suggest a hasty marriage or friendship. Hyenas Hyenas are ill omens in dreams and suggest friends turning to enemies and attempts to harm and hurt you. Jackdaw Dreaming of a flying jackdaw is to know enemies will soon try and do you harm. If you catch the jackdaw then you will defeat these enemies.

Lamb Lambs are a good omen; more than one lamb in a dream is an omen of a growing family and a single lamb an omen of peace. Leopard Leopards are unlucky in dreams and suggest fights against enemies and false friends. Lizard A lizard in a dream is an ill-omen. Dream lizards represent dishonesty and poor fortune. Magpie Magpies in a dream represent a hasty but ultimately happy marriage. For traders and business people magpies can also represent a broken contract. Mouse Dreaming of a mouse is a warning that people may attempt to tell you what to do. Ostrich An ostrich in a dream is a portent of bad luck. Owl A dream owl is a bad omen which foretells money worries, disgrace or sadness.

If you saw of an empty bulb, you should try not to fall into despair and despondency because of problems, since they are not as serious as it seems at first glance. If you dream of a light bulb that emits bright blinding light, this dream states that you will finally get a well-deserved success and a warm family hearth. Glimmer foretells the feeling of jealousy and envy towards your partner. You will calm down only after an honest and serious discussion of this topic with your sweetheart.

If the light bulb is broken, it foretells the death of a close friend or a relative. Bright light of a bulb portends the improvement of life situation, health, positive emotions, and good luck in business. And dim light, on the contrary, portends a complication of situations, negative emotions, illness, failure and so on. Some dream books say that light bulb in a dream is a sign of a child birth. Two light bulbs, respectively, portend twins. If unmarried girl dreams of a bulb, it foreshadows that soon she will meet someone whom she will decide to get married.