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Earlier this month, the city's eluts chief said that women should avoid going out late Delhi sluts night and advised them to take a male relative or friend with them for their own safety. Everyone knows what the environment here is Delhi sluts for a woman and Slts think the reason why it happens the most is because we accept it," said Sabharwal, a year-old journalism student at Delhi University. Police in the capital attempted two years ago to make it easier for women to report abuse by putting female officers at front desks in police stations across the sprawling city. National statistics show the capital accounts for twice as many abuses as other Indian cities.

But most cases still go unreported because victims fear having to face male police officers who dismiss or deride their complaints. India recorded 21, rape cases inup 18 per cent from the 18, cases inaccording to the figures from the National Crime Records Bureau. Other crimes are also rising, including sexual harassment, abuse and killings over dowry disputes despite stringent laws that mandate life in prison as punishment. In a nutshell, in every way possible, a woman in India is likely to live as an inferior being. But this is only to look at the dark side. No story about India is ever simple or monochromatic.

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For every account of despair, there is always one of hope. Customarily, defenders Delhi sluts a feel-good India focus on the surface gloss: It has had a woman president, the speaker of the Lok Sabha is a woman, it has four powerful women chief ministers a fifth is likely to be elected soonand of course the president of the Congress Party is a woman. But in itself, all this means nothing. The hopeful story about India is located elsewhere. The success of these women has a deeper foundation. Crucially, unlike almost every other democracy in the world — unlike either the US or UK — equal rights for women were enshrined in the very conception of the nation.

No matter how imperfect the practice therefore, what we have as moral ammunition, are sublime articles of faith. But pitted against centuries-old social attitudes, they function rather as slow oxygen in the system. This oxygenation, however, should not be underestimated. Over the last few decades, many significant structural changes have been achieved. Women are beginning to be elected as sarpanches council head at the village level; government schemes are increasingly being disbursed through women rather than men, there is a sharp jump in school enrollment for the girl child, governments are taking greater interest in the human development index, and more women have been absorbed into work spaces than ever before in the history of the civilisation.

This "stepping out", this slow economic empowerment, will have — and is already having — an exhilarating snowball effect on old, settled patriarchies.

Self-respect and assertion are the Dellhi codicils to economic independence. RNW is the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide or Wereldomroep, which was founded as the Dutch international public Delhi sluts in An exuberant group of people sluta through the streets of Amsterdam this weekend to promote freedom of expression. His speech was meant to educate girls on how to protect themselves from rape attacks. Instead women all over the world are now educating men about how they want to be treated in public. Amsterdam With the phenomenon spreading worldwide each city has adapted the concept to its own social concerns. In Amsterdam this weekend, for example, the rally was much more about gender equality.

Organiser Mirjam van Heugten: