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This Charissa escort she finally answered and let Chariwsa enough. Some how she let her her up be magic disorder take over. Let she would have done better, but lost her none the less. I've been in the magician for a big graham ass for quite some for now, I needed a magician from my side-girl teens.

So apparently she checked it out and got pissed off, contacted her lawyer and got in contact with the guy who uploaded the videos. But then a few months after Mccain wife slut saw her around the end of last year she quit, and stopped providing and posting ads. Around the same time, the guy gets a new profile up and uploads the same videos LOL. But I don't think they're up anymore, he took them down again. Just an interesting situation, she definitely wasn't pleased to find out she had videos online.

She moved around a bit and worked in different places but I don't think she worked out of Downey a lot. Like Azzluver said, Charissa escort worked in the valley and the IE the most, specifically Ontario. And it doesn't sound like her to be honest. It might be someone else you're talking about. But damn, she was special. You're right, it wasn't easy at all to get anal. But the thing is with Charissa, if there are things you want not just anal, other stuff as well although she's the type to be extra careful, once you build a relationship with her and tip her well she's more open to considering your requests. It certainly took me a few meetings to get what I wanted as well.

Definitely not easy, but worth the wait, no doubt about it. But I wonder what she told her lawyer about that situation LOL. I bet the dude that video the session must've thought fuck it. She a hooker and can't do nothing to me. That's what I would think haha. Plus, how many ever thought hookers had lawyers lmao. And how did that dude not change his phone number after doing that? Dude didn't think it through. But I also want to know who Jonathonjammer is talking about. Unless its another big booty Charissa. Or she was staying in Downey for a day or two, which I doubt.

Changed her number every once in a while but always had area code as far as I recall. But not many white girls on BP that had that much ass on them. I like porn not for the sex simulation part. It is actually my belief that guys who watch porn have some gay tendencies because as a straight man, I have a strict one penis a day view quota, and I hit that iin the shower, so any more dick and I am prolly gay. So when I watch porn it is more for the incredible theater that it is. If it is theater.

If it Charrissa just a pro gal Charissa escort up for a gig and fucking, boring. But if it is truly a gal from akron ohio who thinks that rather than fuck escorf guys such as myself in her hometown, she can make it Charisea by fucking guys with tattoos who esxort unable to Escort atlanta pse without self masturbating for excort period longer than Charissa escort entire zapruder film on super slow mo, well I want to see that. So, that esvort said, it seems to me that the owner of the hot girls wanted ad is reality kings.

I paid for porn once, it was some dude who set up cams in some house and girls masturbated, it was pretty cool. The only problem was that this was in the day of cable internet and it sucked because as soon as one of the hot girls got going, the entire site crashed. Savage as it seems, I think I am going to pay for porn and just want to confirm that reality kings is the subject of hot girls wanted. Only one of them wasbut it was the one she used the majority of the time. Whatever, really would love to see her back with the same body she had in her prime.

I called and scheduled with her for 30 minutes later. Drive out to Bell Gardens. I call and no answer. Call and text a couple more times and then says some dumb shit that I need to send a pic of my I'd because she thinks I'm LE. I say fuck no and she said she can't see me without it. Anyway its probably a good thing she did that. She was not going to be the girl in pics or video.

Escort on Not Knowing It Was Usain Bolt & Being Ashamed She Leaked Pics (Video)

Either way she completely wasted my time. My fault for thinking with little head Charissa escort this one. Not doing that again. Looks like it to me but want to make sure. Who knows, might turn out to be legit. Doubt it but don't hurt to ask right. She comes out from behind the door and I can immediately tell it's not the girl in the pics. Usual LE check for me, I grabbed her B cups, left requested donation on dresser and began to disrobe. She was a decent amount heavier than pics, had a flat fat girl ass, flabby chest, and a big stomach which she hid with her tank top the whole time. CBJ was great, which is to be expected by a fat girl in her business.

She told me to tell her when I was ready for more but I let her go to town for a good 20 min. She talked kind of dirty during session which helped but I felt like there was too much eye contact the entire time. I wouldn't have minded if she was better looking but she was ruining my concentration which I definitely needed with this one. Hit a few positions, cleaned up and left. It would have been a great session if it was the girl in the pics. Her attitude was great, I wasn't rushed, room was clean, didn't reak of smoke and phone wasn't ringing off the hook. It was just too bad the body pics were the complete opposite of what I got.

I feel like she has made an effort just to look like the girl in the pics, her inspiration or something so to speak. Overall I would never return and I wouldn't recommend.