99 Escort Horn Relay

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There are a couple of things you can do to 99 escort horn relay the horn to stop. If it got stuck when you pressed on the horn switch on the steering wheel, it could be because the switch itself is stuck. Press the horn switch again, or tap it a few times to see if it gets unstuck. Turn off the engine and look for your fuse box. Look through the circuit descriptions and see if you can find one for the horn. If you can, pull the fuse. This should silence the horn immediately.

If you can't find the fuse box, can't remove the fuse, or the horn doesn't turn off, then you need to resort to more drastic measures. Open 99 escort horn relay hood 999 the car and try to locate the horn. If the rear of the horn is visible, you might be able rwlay see the wires that lead to it. If you can't disconnect them, then cut one of the wires. If you cut the wire, wrap the resulting two ends of the wire with tape so that they can't short out your electrical system. You could disconnect the main wires that run to your battery. You shouldn't cut these but should disconnect them using a wrench. Can you give a reason for looking for it?

Plugs Sis Yes the horn does not work anymore. Was told by someone it was the relay. I just can not find it anywhere. Thank you for your input.

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The horn relay Escort masseur reviews ZX2's is located underneath the dashboard escortt the drivers side. There are several jorn located there - identify the horn relay by the "clicking" sound it makes when the horn is pressed. The likelyhood that you have a bad relay is minimal. Start by checking the horn fuse the 99 escort horn relay box is located under the dash on the driver side. Next, check the relay. If the relay is making a clicking noise, it is probably OK.

The next thing to check is the horn itself. Most instructions say to remove the bumber cover to get to the horn, but this is not neccesary. In my experience with Escort horn problems, the problem has been with the horn "switch", a wafer thin piece of plastic that lies between the steering wheel cover and the airbag assembly. Below are instructions for replacement of this switch - don't be intimidted by the procedure - it is not difficult. Understandably, Ford doesn't want people "messing around" with airbags. Go to a junk yard - you can eazily find and remove the horn switch from an Escort who's airbags have already deployed.