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Her suicide got so much media attention, but we really wanted to delve into what led her to that Vamp sluts She was a Vamp sluts person and her family is still suffering. In the American context, we have a history of using words as weapons, to dehumanize, shame and disenfranchise people. Lana o escort your opinion, why do words have this effect on people? Words like "slut" allow us to label each other in a really simple, debasing way. If someone is a "slut," she doesn't get to be a full person, and thus, we don't have to worry about her experiences, her fears, her loves or all the facets of her personality. She is easily dismissed as worthless.

When privileged groups of people have used words in that way -- to avoid seeing the person they're labeling as a multi-faceted human being -- historically, it has led to extensive oppression and even genocide. There is nothing any woman can do to avoid being labeled in that way. It's a word that's representative of a larger cultural mistrust of women and a fear of female sexuality that is quite sinister and dangerous. Is there a way to use the word "slut" in a sex-positive way, reclaiming it and using from the standpoint of empowerment? There certainly is a way to do that, and I have friends and colleagues who stand by the power of reclaiming "slut" in a sex-positive way.

The UnSlut Project goes about it in a different way, because I think first we need to un-do the whole concept of a slut before we can start trying to convince people it's actually a good thing. Maybe in a couple of decades, we will be able to laugh about a time when "slut" was an insult. I hope that happens, but we're not there yet. The word still has such destructive power that making light of it doesn't sit right with me. Why, in your opinion, are people so fascinated with the sex lives of other people?

Why You Should Stop Using The Word 'Slut' As An Insult: The Story of Emily Lindin's UnSlut Project

Most of us in the U. Vam, I'd go so far as to say Vamp sluts the vast majority of us are VERY uncomfortable with most parts of our sexuality. So we project that onto others, directing the attention their way instead of having to unpack the stuff that makes us nervous within ourselves. I slugs this is especially true for adolescents, who are just realizing that they're sexual beings. Since they don't know what to make of any of it, beyond the knowledge that they should be ashamed of it, the impulse is to deflect that discomfort onto one of their peers.

But it seems there's an imbalance in that people are more concerned with women's sex lives more so than they are with men's I'm not even touching homosexual and transgender experiences, as that's a whole other topic. Well, without getting too much into the religious aspects of our culture, the idea of purity as a virtue is pretty deeply rooted in our understanding of what women should be.

You hear it all the time in the language we use: We say people "lose their virginity" or worse, that Sleezy sluts has "taken their virginity," as Vamp sluts the state of not-having-had-sex-yet is a tangible part of your value that can be lost or stolen. And for women, that used to be true -- once you had had sex, you were worthless as a wife. The fact that this idea lingers in such a real way in seriously baffles me. I work with a lot of young people people who aren't even having sex and I've found that in pre-adolescent culture, Valeria slut term "slut" has become desexualized -- it has become a word that is used to degrade or belittle someone.

Can you give your thoughts on this trend? I'm not sure that's true across the board, but where it is true I find it upsetting for a different reason. To draw an analogy, when I was in middle school 15 years ago, we used the word "faggot" as a catchall insult. I have to say, it makes me cringe to even type that word now. I am not proud of the way I used language in middle school. I might have called my sister a "fag" for stealing my Sony Discman, for instance. When young people use "slut" that way, it's not directly targeted sexual bullying, but rather it represents an understood disgust for female sexuality. For people who are educated enough to recognize that the word slut is a construction, and a patriarchal one at that, being called a slut can still erode away at a girl or woman's self-esteem.

Why do you think this is? There's often a disconnect between what we know intellectually and what we feel emotionally. For instance, I know that Twitter trolls don't know me personally, that they're just trying to upset me and that they have no bearing on my real life. All the same, the first time someone attacked me on Twitter, I was quite rattled. Education and life experience can help you negotiate "slut" shaming situations so that they don't interfere with your work, but you really can't completely undo the shame that, in many cases, was instilled within us from a very young age. Friends with benefits and hook-ups are equal-opportunity experiences for both sexes.

But women who have sex purely for pleasure or with many partners are still called "sluts" or "whores" mostly by other women and much more likely regret the experience and feel worse about themselves afterwards. Some women, like my second client, capitalize on the gender differences in sexuality by treating their genitals as precious commodities to be preserved and bartered, flaunting the promise of sexual access to hold a man's attention and get a marriage proposal. If it's so important a family value why not have balls for the mothers and sons? She said she did it because the topic of her master's thesis was "the dichotomization of virginity and prostitution".

Seems to me, luring with the enticement of nookie while withholding it sets up a challenge that attracts exactly the kind of narcissistic and patriarchal guys who are most likely to treat relationships like a game and objectify women. The gaming and commoditizing of love relationships is more popular than ever. I respect women who are genuinely committed to waiting to share intercourse for the first time until after marriage. I also respect women who joyfully and freely embrace sexual expression in whatever way really works for them and harms no one.

Ultimately what's most important to healthy sexual well-being is the strength to abide by one's own true beliefs without manipulation, mixed signals and denial of parts of oneself in order to please a man or "capture" love. Love that is captured is not love at all. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 5, Youngall rights reserved.