Recipe Red Headed Sluts

Heavy posted by Jager I've let like 15 of them and none of them ever lost of it. Give it a dol stir. So why shouldn't you. And passenger sure you have a piano sweet cranberry juice. Church Nipple Ah, the party nipple.

This will allow a layering technique, or in other words, the liquids to float on top of hsaded another. So here's what you'll need: Your Buttery Nipple shot is ready for serving. Each recipe calls for the same basic ingredients, but with a few minor twists. Four Horsemen Be warned, this shot packs a punch. It basically consists of three brands of whiskey and tequila.

Moral of the story? This shot is not for the faint of heart. There are variations to this shot, as with any drink, but just know that you'll be riding with the four J's. Either way, you'll be feeling this one.

Redheaded Slut

Simply pour the four ingredients together in a shot glass and down immediately. What can we say? This shot packs a punch. A vodka based shot with a hint of citrus. Kamikaze When someone says "kamikaze", what's the first thing that pops to your head? Something flying in the air and spiraling out of control? Well, with enough of these shots the only thing that will be spiraling out of control Recipe red headed sluts be your sober side. The Kamikaze calls for a few simple ingredients: Strain into a shot glass and you're done. A Kamikaze shot can become a Blue Kamikaze by replacing the triple sec with blue curacao.

Layering can be tricky when it comes to this shot. Practice is key to creating the perfect B B This shot requires that layering technique mentioned before in the Buttery Nipple. Only this time, you'll be making a drink with three layers. How's that for progress? The B requires the following ingredients: Refer back to the Buttery Nipple shot directions if you need more help on layering drinks. Once you've mastered this, you'll be ready for completion of your B shot! Vegas posted by partymonger Leaves you feeling good They are great posted by JamesMichaelSula Finish it off with a splash of cranberry juice. Love at first taste posted by SiN Another redhead who loves these!

The first time I had one in a club, I thought the bartender was making a judgment call on me. Found out he was offering to make me what has now become my favorite drink. But watch out, they will sneak up on you quick! To get there faster posted by dave And serve very cold. Yup another red head here!!! Super posted by katy The Best slut south of the border posted by Chuckles New fav shot posted by Kam Perfect for girls who don't like anything too harsh. Slap in the face. Amaretto instead of peach posted by miamibeach Homerun hitter posted by Kevin Lee It not only gives me a killer buzz, but it gets me pussy each time!!!

I invented this drink!! To the people who drink it in different variations Jager, peachand cranberry. Shake strain and shoot. Surprising posted by Jaydee Delicious posted by Anna Guaranteed a great time with a red headed slut shot. I introduce almost everyone I meet to this shot. I've asked like 15 of them and none of them ever heard of it. I'm a sucker for redheads They're expensive out so I drink mine at home.