Navy Level 1 Security And Escort

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Maritime security (USCG)

SEOs continually are challenged to identify security risks, analyze those risks, and develop systems to ensure the integrity of our computers and worldwide network information systems. This Act provided sweeping new authorities for preventing acts of terrorism within the U. Additionally, Diplomatic courier control officers escort sensitive, but unclassified, crated materials within the United States and across international boundaries. These highly skilled engineers develop, maintain, and install electrical and mechanical systems such as access and perimeter controls, closed-circuit television, alarms, locks, and x-ray and bomb detection equipment.

The Diplomatic Courier Service is constantly evolving to meet the increasingly restrictive guidelines imposed by various countries. They test new technical equipment and develop new techniques, strategies, and procedures for finding hidden intelligence-gathering devices. Share Cybersecurity Training The Diplomatic Security Training Center offers instructor-led, role-based training to local, state, and federal government information technology IT professionals who have significant responsibilities for protecting information networks and the data that travel through them.