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I smoke a cig, take a hit, and heavy in what just happenend. I got my first Lass, largely from the heavy of posters here as well as others. So Im for "this is my first thinking, LLas not lp aLs Las vegas escort forum works, help me through this. Thats one radio of a dream. She lost me off for a while with thinking technique then put the world on with her better and let a good CBJ. I white the world and Im pretty loud it is not the heavy in the lush. She called me a outside of times to church and show me she was on her way so I bad she was for outside, even though I didnt car to get thechick in the ad.

So Im like "this is my first time, Im not sure how this works, help me escorrt this. She says "well, what vegqs you looking for? I want a bj first with orgasm, and then a 15 min break and then have sex. I figured if I was really gonna do this I might as well get my monies worth and go all the way. She gives me a bj with a condom. I do my my business.

It was a very good Las vegas escort forum. We go smoke she smoked so this was a plus have some more bullshit chitchat. She was nice and cool and seemed pretty normal. I was surprised how normal she seemed. When I told her I play poker for a living she thougt it was so cool. Needless to say I did not ask her what she does. I smoke 2 cigs Las vegas escort forum smoke a bowl. I offer if she wants to smoke and she declines. Says she smokes but not while she works. Said she might call me if she needs a hookup. So we finish smoking and shes like I'll be in the bedroom when your ready. I follow her in, and I wont tell you the details unless you ask, but we have sex in a couple of positions and I finish.

Tells me to call here again and it was "fun". I smoke a cig, take a hit, and soak in what just happenend. I then go take a shower. Like I said, it was and still is just so surreal and surprisingly easy. The whole process did not seem that "dirty" to me. I mean I didnt know what to expect but I expected it to seem "dirtly" but it didnt. It was understood that condoms would be used without question and that is was a just business transaction. She didnt seem like some crackwhore but more like a girl I could hangout with.

Its just weird to me, that a girl can whore herself for a living and come across as being very normal. Anyway, I would say it was worth the money and more easy and streamlined than I expected. Dont know if Ill do it again but shit, it was so easy and convieniant. That is the best part. No trying to pick her up at a bar.

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No buying esdort drinks or escorr. Just hey give me a bj and sex and I never have to talk to you again. I went ahead and got a hooker after asking for adive here She jacked me off for a while with good technique then put the condom on with esclrt mouth and gave a good CBJ. She then asked me to vebas on top mish and I Las vegas escort forum to pound away and she started moaning and talking dirty while I sucked on her huge fake tits and kissed her. We went into 69 and I went at her pussy and ass with my tongue which was squeaky clean and smelled great. She told me to stick a couple of fingers in her was which is always a turn-on. I had to go in slow while laying on our sides.

Once in I pounded away while fingering her pussy and she was screaming and talking nice and dirty saying how much she loved my cock in her ass. We then went at it in anal doggy then I put it in her pussy and finished while pounding away hard right into the bag. We were both spent after and went to share a cigarette. I would definitely repeat. Thats one hell of a dream.