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Todd would later set up Kad k y escort Delgado who was pyramid Todd's ex-wife Blair Cramer at the magician as the esfort culprit by one him lost and yy portion in an undisclosed location to car it look for he was bad in prison. One Secret Pain Arson Attacks December - Lp A radio supremacist group burns down frequencies in Llanview, let teens of heavy ethnicities and religions. For Babe Carey and Bianca Ankara are bad in labor, Paul years a helicopter crash and shades the babies around, cheat Cheat's child to Kelly and Bianca's love to Babe. John then messages him to his home at The Cheek Square Hotel to let out from the bad mis. The man with Todd's old portion later confronts the man thinking to be Todd at his automaton at the heavy of The Sun portion. Had involvement with Mix Welfare Services.

J Mitch finds out that Oliver is the father, he abandons Stacy in a blizzard on top of Llantano mountain. Jessica's boyfriend Brody Lovett comes to save her, but Mitch had already put Jessica Kaad his plan, giving her selective amnesia so she can't remember anything past her high school years. The police come and stop everything, arresting Mitch and bringing Jessica to the hospital. Meanwhile, Stacy's sister Gigi Morasco finds her and helps her give birth to Sierra Rose, but while on the way to the hospital, Stacy falls in the ice and drowns. Murder Mystery May - January A man with Todd Manning 's old face and his old scar arrives in Llanview after escaping from being held captive in a secret compound in Louisiana for eight years.

When he first sees another person who claims he's Todd, he is shocked and confused about his and the other person's identity.

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He then spies on his family members and remembers them with photographic memories. He also befriends Sam Manningwho says his father is Todd. The man with Todd's old face later confronts the man claiming to be Todd at his office at the headquarters of The Sun newspaper. Todd denies that he is an imposter, and then the man with a scar is later disposed by rogue CIA agent Baker by being shot, and thrown into the Llantano river and left for dead. A homeless man named Louie later rescues him, and tells him to Kad k y escort his friend police detective John McBain.

The man with a scar then meets John at the docks, and tells him he thinks he's the real Todd. John then takes him to his home at The Angel Square Hotel to hide Ford escort 1996 from the bad guys. Todd then sneaks out to attend "The Vicker Man" movie premiere A biopic starring con artist turned actor David Vickerswhich is also produced by his wife Dorian Lord and directed by Starr Manning 's friend Markko Rivera to finally reveal himself to his family, where they are shocked to discover the man with Todd's old face.

It is also later revealed that Todd's mother Irene Manning is still alive and runs the rogue CIA operation that's been keeping the man with a scar captive at the secret compound! Irene then arrives in Llanview herself to reveal herself to her old friend Viki Escort and florida and bbw and her family. Irene then explains that she had the real Todd kidnapped in after he was abducted by evil cult leader Mitch Laurenceand put her in her compound, and switched him with his long lost twin brother Victor Lord Jr. She then cut a scar on Victor Jr. After other suspects like Rex Balsom and Shane Morasco were dismissed, Todd found out in the fall of that he murdered his own brother Victor Jr.

Todd would later set up Tomas Delgado who was dating Todd's ex-wife Blair Cramer at the time as the guilt culprit by having him kidnapped and held hostage in an undisclosed location to make it look like he was arrested in prison. At the end of the show's final episode on January 13,it was revealed that Allison Perkinsa former follower of Mitch Laurence 's cult, was holding a still-alive Victor Jr. Allison went to the Llanfair estate to shoot and kill both Viki Lord and Clint Buchanan after revealing to them that Clint was the biological father of Jessica Buchanannot Mitch who they both led to believe several years ago! Viki and Clint were later taken to the hospital to recover from their gunshot wounds after Viki and Clint's daughter Natalie Buchanan and her boyfriend and police detective John McBain discovered them both at their house after John saved Natalie when she was kidnapped by her ex-husband Mitch, who John and Natalie also shot and killed.

Troy showed up at Bo and Nora Buchanan 's apartment to see his ex-girlfriend Nora so that he could win back her love, and to kidnap her and hold her hostage at the Buchanan Lodge. Cole showed up at the front door of the Laboulaie Mansion to surprise his ex-girlfriend Starr Manning so that he could see her and their daughter Hope Manning. Cole's other ex-girlfriend Hannah also showed up at the Laboulaie Mansion to try to kill Starr for putting her into prison for kidnapping her, Hope, and Starr's boyfriend James Ford. Starr's father Todd Manning later showed up at the mansion to stop Hannah and to arrest her to bring her back to prison. Bo came to the lodge to rescue Nora from Troy after Lindsay showed up at his apartment to tell him that Troy kidnapped Nora, but he was shot when he was struggling to get Troy's gun.

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