Gulf Coast Girts Escort

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What size are the lanterns? How did you figure out how many to use for your tent wedding? We could have probably had even more although my family might have killed me for having to hang them up! How did you hang the lanterns for Gulf coast girts escort tent wedding? We figured the distance between the poles was 20 feet. We cut lengths of fishing line that were approximately twice that length, just to make sure there would be enough on each side to tie. This process goes fast if the groom holds the spool and the bride runs with the end of the line from one pole to the next and back…snip snip—voila, 40 feet!

We tied five loops a few had six—we used smaller lanterns near the stage in the center 20 feet of each of those lines, and hooked the lanterns with the lights already in them and turned on into those loops. We sent my dad up the scary foot ladder with one end of the line to tie to one of the large center poles, and another unsuspecting relative climbed up a smaller ladder and attached the other end to one of the smaller side poles.

Hanging between the two center poles was a little trickier. Tell your escorrt you love them a lot. The black dots are coaast big center poles, and the blue lines are where we Gulf coast girts escort the fishing line. I coaet little yellow lantern circles on one of the lines so you could get the idea. How and when did you turn all the LED lights on for your tent wedding? You just pull the piece of card stock off in order to let the battery touch the LED and turn it on. We turned them all on on Friday morning, and they were still going strong when we took them down on Sunday morning. Sacrifice for quick [ day. Pos- on main street in Wilmot.

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