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GGay is church to Ankara Airport, Haarlem and the dream Zandvoort. And you have to be an lost pain-climber Gay single naturism get there. I singl never go out at lady. There are no years; therefore, it is fast to bring ample messages of fresh water and food although reasonable tavernas are a loud distance away at the heavy of each of the years to the beach at Galissas. The messages are also very love. The lp end is the most mars and there is a taverna there.

A contributor visited in September for 3 days and on every day there were 30 to 50 nudists and no textiles at all. Everybody was friendly and the sea and swimming were great.

The family that lives on the beach are lovely, and have even named their very friendly and multlingual son Armeos. Best nudist beach in the Cyclades that I have found after 20 years of annual visits. Another correspondent who visited in May reports that Tokiko escort struts was hardly space to put down a beach towel in May, so what chance July or August? Correspondents who visited in September report this beach as being their favourite. They spent two nights there. The locals were friendly, water was calm and perfect for swimming. It was easy to find.

They just took a van for "Camping Two Hearts" from the main port town of Ermoupolis. Walking from the civilized camp towards the beach it is easy to find the main street with textile Galissas beach to the right. They took the easy path up the hill past the church and down to Armeos Beach. The wild camping was great, plenty of tent space. By walking inland up the path past the old foundations of buildings, there is a wall on the right near where there is a natural spring with safe drinking water. The beach, though small, was ideal. This was truly a Gay single naturism come true" sort of place. The great thing about this beach is the scenery, the landscape.

The bay at Galissas has the form of a y flipped horizontally. Armeos is at the end of the short beam, Free gay man dating ads at the end of the long beam. You can easily swim 4 bedrock slut u the junction with the long beam. When the water is quiet you can climb on the rocks here and enjoy the view. The only negative things about Armeos are the rocky surface and the pebbles. Sandy spots are scarce. A contributor tells me that during the first week in June they stayed in the small village Galissas at Syros.

We spent every day at the beach Armeos. The water was clean and perfect for snorkelling. A report from May says the beach was still nudist and surprisingly busy. A report from July says most of the nudists were regular visitors of Galissa and Armeos, especially a group of Dutch people that visit Syros often. There were two or three nudist families, some gay men, couples, and single men but I wouldn't say that the majority were singles. The beach was quiet and clean although the illegal campers at the top of the beach produced some litter around their rock enclosures. The water was crystal clear and you could watch plenty of fish while snorkelling.

A negative point is that some people brought their dogs with them that they left wandering about which can be a bit annoying for some. The all male group about 5 seemed more interested in themselves than in couples. A couple of lone females were there and appeared unharrassed. The footpath from Galissas is not too arduous until the descent to the beach where it it's becoming quite worn and in places slippery. Beach was very clean. Pebbles all the way along. Sandy entrance to the sea at both ends of the Gay single naturism. Still no facilities so 'bring your own'. In August there were 30 people there in the afternoon. Bearing in mind the 80m length this felt crowded. When we were there late July at the busiest, there were probably around 40 people, of whom virtually everybody was nude.

There were some people camping behind the beach, they were all nude as well. Bring your own supplies, although the tavernas at Galissas are only a 10 min walk away. A visit at July there. Litter on the beach plus rocky bottom - not worth the visit. Delfini See on Google Maps July: Delfini beach is definitely nudist. We spent a week in Syros and, after the first day when we drove around to see the various beaches, we went every day to Delfini. It is the gathering place of the local Greek nudist community. It is true that during this week the "complaining guy" from one of the houses above appeared once with his family and started shouting around.

All locals even the ones that were dressed just told him to shut up and eventually he stopped. It is true that last year he called the police once, according to a discussion I had with one of the local nudists. However, the people were warned in advance by one non-nudist house owner and, by the time the police arrived, everybody was dressed… So go there and enjoy! One of the best beaches of Syros!!! At the far end of the beach where the path starts to go to Kini there are trees where if you go early you can find nice shade. The description above means that Delfini beach maybe will be not nudist for the future.

Because being naked is not a crime where other naked people were in Greek beaches except in front of a tavern or a church. The police ignore all complaints about nudity at the beaches where usually the bathers are naked - or some bathers are naked. If police came there means that something happened! If the owner of the house over the beach was aggressive, as the description said I don't know himit isn't a good idea to go against an aggressive people. Something like that in Greece is a cause you can be arrested by the police! So avoid this beach, maybe it is one more lost beach for us. The above isn't true. I've been visiting Syros for 15 years and love Delfini and the walk to it over the cliffs from Kini.

Have spoken to some locals who say that yes a guy with a house behind the beach has caused problems but they just tell him to go away and say 'den ine i paraliasou' - it's not your beach. I've been on the beach with my girlfriend since Aug 30 and haven't seen the guy. It's more nudist than ever. We go almost every day. It's a lovely beach and always has been. It's a mix of nudists, topless, and people in swimsuits I don't like the term textile. It's kind of alienating. I prefer to think of people who don't go nude as OK people just missing out on a wonderful experience and everybody gets along OK.

Right now it's mostly nudist at the far end anyway and a great mix of people of all ages and sizes. You can definitely come to Delfini, get naked, and have a great time. The swimming there is great. Delfini beach can be reached by car or moped from the north side of Kini town. The route is adequately signposted and the road, although narrow and bumpy, is not too bad. A footpath also leads around the headland from Kini, about a min walk. When entering Kini, there is a signpost for Delfini which brings you along a bypass to the road leading to Delfini.

Follow the rough road for about 2km. Access to the beach is very easy with the road ending right at the middle of the beach with ample parking, and only a short walk of about 15m to 20m to the nudist part. Delfini beach is about m long of which m to the left hand side is nudist. At the nudist end of the beach it consists of fine golden sand from the waterline for 5m then pebble for 10m to the top of the beach. There is a single taverna at the textile end of the beach. There is also a beach toilet cubicle. There is no shade at all. There was no litter. Access to the water is easy; it shelves gradually and is safe for children.

When it is windy, unpleasant sandblasting is experienced, this can be somewhat reduced by sunning on the pebbles at the top of the beach. Easy walk over big flattish pebbles. Normally I go to sleep around midnight. I only host people who also use the night to sleep and not to party. In other words, if you visit Amsterdam to party and use drugs, please find an other Bed and Breakfast. Thanks for your understanding. As a freelance photographer my working hours and days are very flexible. My house is also my office, so often I will be able to check you in at a time that is convenient for you.

We have to contact each other a few days before your arrival to confirm the check in time. As mentioned before, I sleep at night. So no middle of the night check-ins or check-outs. This means that if your flight arrives after Also if you want to check out before 7. Some more details about the Bed and Breakfast The guest room is available for you. This room was completely renovated in October In the room is a small desk so you can work on your laptop in private. High speed Wifi Mbps! The house build in is in a very quiet area.

The perfect place to catch up some sleep. The neighbours are also very quiet. You don't have to be afraid to wake up in the middle of the night because of some drunk tourists climbing the stairs of the adjacent apartment. We share the bathroom, that has a double sink, a toilet and double shower. A second toilet is located on the ground floor. Breakfast is included A fresh nutritious breakfast is included in your stay.

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It consists of freshly Gay single naturism rolls, eggs, butter, cheese, ham, jam, Dutch chocolate sprinkles, yogurt, cereals, muesli, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, orange juice. You can use the kitchen to make yourself nsturism and tea. You can store stuff in the refrigerator and freezer. You can prepare a meal in the microwave if you wish. If you want to cook a full meal on the stove, please discuss with me in advance. Maybe we can cook together? In summer you can also use the terrace to enjoy the sun completely naked. If you are interested to stay with me, please read the strict house rules before you send a request. And please tell me what time you will arrive in Amsterdam and what time you want to check out the day you leave.