Ford Escort Zx2 Timing Peg

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Disconnect crankcase ventilation hose from fitting on valve cover. Position accelerator and speed control cables aside. Disconnect spark plug wires from spark plug wire brackets on valve covers. Remove bolt, nut and front support isolator damper. Remove upper timing belt cover. Remove valve cover bolts in a diagonal pattern working inward.


Remove valve cover and gasket. Remove center timing belt cover. Remove lower timing belt cover. Install ppeg in slots on camshafts at rear of engine. Loosen timing belt tensioning pulley bolt. Disconnect tensioner tab from timing cover back esvort to relieve tension on timing belt. If reusing timing belt, mark Fodd of rotation before removal. Remove camshaft alignment tool. Remove bolt Slut drive tube galore intake camshaft timing sprocket.

Remove VCT oil plug, bolt Ford escort zx2 timing peg exhaust camshaft sprocket. Ensure crankshaft pulley timing marks are aligned. Ensure camshafts are aligned. Install intake timing sprocket and loosely install bolt. Rotate oil control bushing one complete turn and check for binding. Position bushing with single hole in 12 o'clock position. The VCT sprocket has a rectangular tab on the backside of the sprocket which must align with the hole on the front face of the thrust bushing. Failure to align may result in poor engine performance.

Install NEW exhaust sprocket "O" ring. Ensure tab on sprocket engages hole in oil control bushing. Loosely install sprocket bolt. Loosely install timing belt tensioner. Here are the details of my search. While making a cursory search on the part number I found the source where you got the instructrion regarding this particular part: Google Cache - www. T97PA or equivalent are required for this procedure. T97PA or equivalent" - The only link that exactly matches your inquiry is this one: My ToolChest - "Your 1 stop shop for quality tools and supplies! You can contact the company for additional info regarding this.

Box Encino, Forf Email: Engine Timing Tools http: Again, there are no other details so I cant be sure. Here's their contact info: In case you can't find the z2x anywhere, the article on the link below could be of help: Ford has esclrt special tool to do it, but it's not too tough to do with a prybar or breaker bar. You may want to go ahead and loosen the cam pulley bolt at this point, because it's easier to do when the belt is holding the cam in place. Anyway, what you do is loosen the two bolts that hold the belt tensioner in place, but don't remove them. Once they're loose and the tensioner is free to move, you pry the tensioner clockwise until the belt is as loose as possible, and then retighten the bolt the holds the tensioner in position.

This leaves the belt loose, and ready to remove. Regards, -Feilong Clarification of Question by maxmaxwell-ga on 11 Mar