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To be honest, I am kind of scared of this place. Even a short glance from our side seems to be encouraging for them. They come closer and closer. The ladyboys are intrusive but still nice. Jay decline and they only return to the dance floor. They try to grab Marten as well, but he just points towards me, and they let it go. A white guy on Philipines is a gold mine, though. When the ladyboys leave us be, I can finally take a good look at them. I must say, that they are much prettier than the prostitutes in the previous club. The smile a lot and are joyful. They do not wear promiscuous clothes. Although some wear very short skirts, others cover their whole body.

After realising that we are not interested, they take care of themselves. There is a good beat on, some remix of Jingle Bells and some of them dance dancehall. We come across midget boxing. There are some sofas in the club, where groups of friends and couples have their beers. In the middle, there is a ring. The whole room is dimly lit, with red and blue strip lights. Dance music is coming from the speakers. At first, two young girls appear in the ring and perform some lousy dance routine. Then four little people enter the ring. These guys are much more into their job — they engage with the audience, clap, cheer, dance and laugh.

Then the ring empties and nothing is going on for a few moments. After that, the little people reappear with red and blue pads and gloves. They fight a bit, fall, laugh, wave to the audience, fight a bit again, fall and…. All these takes about 7,5 minutes during which I felt a bit like in the middle ages. The girls enter the ring again, try to dance a bit and out of nowhere a white, tall, male tourist joins them. I am not quite sure what is the deal with the ring club. We have not expected anything, but seriously? We have been charged money for watching a fight and girls, who did not feel like dancing. We spent there just as much time as it was needed to drink one bottle of beer.

The Red Light District in Manila is a strange place. I went there to see what lays underneath, but I just felt awkward. There is a mental place in my head, where all this is strange and bit odd.

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But from our point of view, this kind of entertainment is quite controversial. And what do you think? Did you like it?