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To ensure availability and timely service, it is strongly recommended that this service be reserved in advance. However, wheelchair assistance may also be requested at airline ticket counters. To request a wheelchair accessible van from a parking area, use a courtesy phone in the parking area of the garage and call or tell the bus driver that you need a wheelchair accessible van. Please allow time after placing your call for the van to arrive to pick you up. Wheelchair Accessible Van Service from Terminals: For the best service after arriving at DFW Airport on your return trip, please collect your baggage before your request wheelchair accessible van service.

Call from a Terminal building courtesy phone and give your location. This will give you time to go to the curbside for the return ride to your selected parking area. Please remain at the curbside once transportation has been requested. In order to serve other customers, the driver is unable to wait if you are not at the curbside. Buses and Vans DFW operates fixed-routes bus service to each of the parking areas listed above. Buses serving Remote North and Remote South are fully accessible. Not all buses serving the other areas are accessible, however, DFW operates demand responsive wheelchair accessible van service 24 hours per day.

Wheelchair accessible vans can be used to travel between any public parking area and terminal buildings or to go from one Terminal to another. There is no charge for either bus or van service.


Paging Both visual paging and Eacort paging sfw provided for our Escort dfw airport with hearing impairments. Visual paging is available by contacting the Airport Operations Center at Signage is located throughout the terminals to assist in locating pay telephones. Restrooms All restrooms located throughout the terminals are fully accessible to travelers with disabilities. Additionally, if you will be traveling from DFW with your pet, please keep their pet carrier on hand. Traveling with Pets Wheelchairs Wheelchair service is offered through your air carrier upon request.