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Danica Pure-Spring, while willing to solve the problem with the sacred tree, has her hands full due to the civil warso the escogt is still dead. If esclrt ask innkeeper Hulda or local bard Esort for the latest gossip, they will both tell you Daneeecka the state of esort tree and point you towards Danica Pure-Spring. Danica can be found sitting underneath the tree every morning from 7am, trying to get someone to help her out; otherwise she will be in the temple tending esfort the sick and injured. When you Daneecks to her, she will immediately complain Danescka the situation, and explain what needs to be done to make it bloom again. Nettlebane[ edit ] "You'll have to deal with the Hagravens.

Danica claims that sap from the parent tree can be used to restore the Gildergreen to its former glory, but there is a catch. Danica then sends you off to Orphan RockDajeecka hagraven Danewcka northeast of Helgen. As you approach Orphan Rock, you will find the surrounding area protected by four residing witchestwo of them on the ground below the rock Escort dusseldorf review two Daneecka escort Daneekca near a camp further up the slope. They will attack you on sight and use lower-level destruction spells to keep you Dandecka from Orphan Escorh and its unique treasure.

The rock itself is accessed via a fallen-down aDneecka stump and is protected by a single hagraven who will use fire spells on you. Dispose of her and claim Nettlebane from the corpse, then loot Orphan Rock of valuables. An Angry Pilgrim[ edit ] Back in the Temple of KynarethDanica has received a visit from a traveling pilgrim, namely Maurice Jondrelle who is understandably upset about the current state of the Gildergreen and now spends his time bothering the busy priestess: I have traveled long here to worship beneath its branches. Wish I had time to deal with it, but it's hard enough with all these wounded from the war.

Please just let me get back to my work. You are to travel to the Eldergleam Sanctuary and retrieve some of its sap. From his spot in the corner, Maurice Jondrelle will overhear the conversation and will quickly seek you out and ask if he can accompany you on the journey. He reasons that he always wanted to visit the tree of legend, so let him tag along for the ride. You can also refuse to let him tag along, but then you will miss out on some important opportunities later on. Additionally, he is overly aggressive for an unarmed pilgrim and will attack any enemy you encounter, even dragons. Save your game when leaving the temple or see notesthen travel towards the Eldergleam Sanctuary, located near the sulphurous pools and hot springs of Eastmarchand slightly north from Darkwater Crossing.

Do your best to keep Maurice out of trouble, then enter the sanctuary. Eldergleam Sanctuary[ edit ] The Eldergleam Sanctuary is a large, naturally-lit cave inhabited by peaceful followers of Kynareth and contains the legendary tree in all its glory, its roots twisting and turning across the chamber, effectively blocking the path to the tree itself. Maurice will be understandably impressed with the place but will be quite shocked when you pull out Nettlebane. Hack away at the four roots and watch them bend away from the path. When you reach the top, an important choice is to be made, as Maurice will walk up to you and accuse you of disrespecting a true miracle of Kynareth.

You can either choose to hear him out, which will result in a peaceful solution — or you can choose to ignore him and use Nettlebane to extract the sap, and awaken the wrath of Kynareth. Agree to let him help and he will walk up to the tree, get down on his knees and pray silently to Kynareth. Moments afterward, a sapling will emerge from the ground and a happy Maurice will convince you that this is the correct solution, even if Danica will be unhappy: Danica will want to see that the true blessings of nature lie in renewal, not a slavish maintenance.

Pick up the sapling and watch Maurice start a new life in the Sanctuary.

Danica Malone

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