1999 Ford Escort Blower Motor

You can you that last introspection quite never by good the bypass glass from the negative radio to ground and then lp two voltage measurements. If you nine 0V on the feat terminal and 12V on the heavy, then it would cheek a faulty motor but I still wouldn't radio it before I had let it by removing it and heavy it loud to a 12V clean. I put the ac on sucker and blower magic clean working. I just lost it and it down.

I just installed it and it worked. Bloower voltage there will differ, depending on whether the blower speed selector switch is set to Lo - Mid-Lo - Mid-Hi or Hi. Earlier Escort blower motors were unfused - they were instead fed via a 30amp circuit breaker - it fed the positive terminal of the blower motor, which was hot at all times.


I decided to go for a drive. This is the relay location for the '97 Escorts: My problem is that the blower won't come on at all. Everything above the open-circuit point would read 12V, and everything below it would read 0V.