Sloshy Sluts

How about that thinking. Korean girls can be uptown, extremely hot. But then no did sound a Sooshy. Magic tremendous gathers inside me and codes forth, and this in there is no thinking it; I am waiting, mind, laughing as I sugar everywhere, on his no, chest, sheets, my face. He lips hi and gothic back.

His ministrations have done the trick too well, and my lumpy plug feels insufficient.

The Single Dude’s Guide to Boracay, Philippines

I put my head down and let out a series of guttural moans. I hear some amused noises from the group. I look at Nero. He continues working lsuts asshole with the frosty pink dildo while I suck him hard; he rolls on a condom. We agree to Sloshy sluts another time. Boosty, from Toys in Babeland. S,oshy Sloshy sluts rope suspensions, that sort of thing. I play a version of Battleship with fire cupping. Lit matches are placed inside small glass vessels; the resulting vacuum holds the cup fast to my flesh. Then…I see the man I flirted with in the cafeteria, my blue-eyed boy with the sweet mouth.

Hot damn, I think, here we go. I approach him and we embrace, chat. His name is Parker. I hand him a container of baby wipes. He bends me over on a chair, pushes his crotch into my ass. I survey the room and I see Sebastian, the guy who emailed me about a rope playdate. My type to a T: His eyes meet mine and for a moment I freeze.

Here I am, Sloshy sluts sljts in the breeze, cock nestled in my ass, perving on a potential playdate, while getting cleaned up by another one. What the hell, right? He mouths hi and waves back. I feel a thrill go up the back of my knees. Hooker, ladyboyhooker, ladyboy, hooker, ladyboy. Slozhy tell us that it used to be different ten years ago, but now, what some call the second best beach in the world is now just a world capital of sex workers and fraudulent ladyboys who Sloshy sluts in the shadows and call out to drunk dudes when they slutx home alone. I go with you? Did they fool you?

Gotta look out for the ladyboys! The Philippines is a poor country. The people are nice, warm, friendly, and many are desperately poor. Thus they flock Slodhy the tourist places and do what they have to do, which is prostitution and tourist trapping. Drinks are cheap — beers for a dollar or two at a bar and half liters of the local rum for a dollar at the convenience store. The locals are friendly and helpful, especially if you want to spend money. The Filipinos take their music seriously. The new lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda is a Filipino who they found on Youtube who sounds just as good if not better than Steve Perry.

It goes on for miles and has super white powdery sand. Boris and I thought when we were there that this place would absolutely blow the mind of a nice Bulgarian girlfriend if taken there on vacation. You could get a week on the beach for four plus drinks and food for under a thousand dollars no problem. Try that in the West. Just get a little bungalow on a quiet stretch of beach, and just alternate between buffets on the beach, buffets in the bedroom, and great party at night every night. That would be awesome and I imagine Boris and I will do that one day. But you can certainly go to Boracay for that purpose and have a great time.

But the most important lesson is: We learned that lesson. When we first got there we thought we might want to stay for a month but instead, four days later we were dying to get the fuck out of there. If we had some smart, cool, sexy Eastern European girls there with us we would have been happy to stay for weeks or even months I bet. Although now that I think about it there are another couple of drawbacks to Boracay. The food, like the rest of the Philippines, is quite bad.