Single Man Sex

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A husband and wife are still two distinct people. However, it does mean as a result of this union, a husband now relates to his wife as if she were part of his own body, caring for and protecting her as he would care for and protect himself. When it comes to sex and the single man, the Bible teaches that sex should not be experienced outside of marriage. The fullness of sexual expression was created to be expressed only within the covenant of marriage. Our sexuality drives our longing to be vulnerable, soul to soul with another person, and our longing to be known by God.

As a single Christian man, your sexuality serves a purpose. Your sexuality draws you into relationship. We spend so much time focusing on the act of sex that we forget that sexuality is about intimacy and relationship. A key aspect of sexuality is the desire to share intimately with another person.

While this is expressed in the fullness of marriage, your sexuality Single man sex a man deeply impacts how you relate to others. Sec have Slngle longing to connect, to share and to trust another person wholly. Sexual purity is a constant battle. Married and single men have a lot more in common than they may think. Just like single men, married men struggle with sexual frustrations and temptations. It just takes on a different form in marriage. Instead, your sexuality should be expressed in ways that honor God and also validate your longings for intimacy.

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One way you can do this is by guarding your mind. Our culture is so sex-saturated. Porn can be accessed not only on every computer, but also on every mobile device. Sex is everywhere on TV and movies, and even in our advertisements.