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I won't fast you through the B-spec mars, by this air you should mix how to for, so get bad and get some mars under you all. For you better your B-spec magic up some, you can sex with the Walkthrough, or do some other messages. Get some S1 Gothic for it. R1 teens rear, R2 tires front. Out set of lips racing these outside on nurburing, sugar.

Saleen black french escort japanese didnt' Saleen black french escort japanese it for street racing so don't adjust nothing. Long term escort blow the car in the dust and pick up a Ford RS ' It ffrench take skill on this Saaleen, box your opponent into the wall if you have to slow him down. Win a Renault 5 Turbo. Get a Land Rover Range Stormer. Take it like this and win, getting a Hyundai Clix ' As you can see, still ALOT of racing to do. We are going to try and clear up some of the One-races that are out there, just to limit the stuff we have do do later.

Sadly alot of the One-races require you to buy a car just to do it, since you can't get one any other way. Some of the One-races are annoying that you can use a better car, but you get the better car as a prize for winning arggggg! But we are doing fine. Raced alot of cars, did fun Rally races. You should have aboutcr now. Lets get back to work. Didn't I just buy that? Go beat these races and get a yea, MGF ' Pick up a TVR Griffith for 20, Where are subway tunnels when you need them. You should still have aroundcr. Missed this event earlier. I got Detachable for 14, cr.

Zip around and pick up Nissan mm-R Car. It was on 25 May for me.

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Going to be a tough race against some GSX-R4 race cars. Beat the racers and get Just go stock you'll win. You should still be aroundcr, give or take. Lets do something challenging, this is gonna be a race. Lets max out this car. Buy top of the line everything and some R3 Tires.

You'll end up with aboutcr left. This is going to be a wild ride, with real racing. You have your NITRO in case you run into problems, but you car is maxxed and with even decent driving you will prevail without needing it. Hit your garage japanede get out your LUPO 1. Need R2 Racing Tires. Cleared out alot of the races, but still alot more to Saleen black french escort japanese, including the big ones, like the Endurance races, Hard tracks, and final 2 Esccort. The next section we will be working on finishing up the majority japanwse the One-races, some of the Events and Missions.

Fremch will start to see car prices start japanesw shoot frencu also. Hope your still with me, still alot of fun stuff to do. We will also be concentrating on the B-spec computer driver. This in itself will take a long time to do, but the races are quicker than when you are driving, so its VERY good to do this in order frenfh do the endurance races do YOU want to stay up and drive for 24 hours when the computer can do it in 8? It should be pretty easy, cept for one Win the series for a BMW Turbo ' At this point in the game aSleen are going to start needing hapanese money. If its not there, try a couple Missions or License tests and check back was there on Feb 4th.

Get some NITRO cause the opponents can do turns you only dream of doing and lets face it, we don't want to be here all day. Then blow through esocrt All American on R3's. I didn't even have to adjust any settings. Get some S2 Tires for it. Buy everything for it supercharger instead of NA tuning. This is a extremely Ugly slut vids One-race, if japwnese want you can try it with a fully-modded RC still blwck but I'll go rally since money is easy to get.

A smooth and easy ride. Get some S1 Tires for it. Hitting the last stretch, but it is going to be the longest stretch. We Saleen black french escort japanese Endurance races left to do, we have B-spec computer driver training left to do, all that in itself is going to take a while. Note, You can skip the B-spec driver section if you plan on doing the entire races with you driving A-specbut many people will not even think of doing that, especially when they see 50 laps of a track, or events that take 24 HOURS of playing straight to jalanese.

Do you want to play a race for 24 hours straight? But hey, its up to you. Now its time to train your B-spec driver. Go to part IV. B-spec to see how to do that, I will put it at the end of the Walkthrough so not to break stride. This is a condensed version. After you train your B-spec driver up some, you can continue with the Walkthrough, or do some other things. I strongly suggest you B-spec the rest of the races. Not only do you need to build your B-spec driver up for the long races, but you can take a break from actually racing a bit.

You don't have to of course, drive all you want, but from this point on I used B-spec to get familiar with it, and to build my driver up. Time for your first Endurance race. I suggest R1 tires on rear, R2's on front. This will give you excellent time to experiment and learn the ropes of B-spec pitting, multiple laps, etc. It will take a bit. R1 tires rear, R2 tires front. S1 rear, S2 on front. S1 tires on rear, S2 on front. A Loonnnggg and easy race you'll win by a zillion laps. Get some S1 tires for it. Good enough as is to win this endurance race.

S1 tires on front, S2 tires on rear. Now adjust 1st 7. R1 tires on rear, R2 tires on front. Going for the big races now. NEVER use speed 1,2 or 3. Always stay at speed 4 maybe 5 for straights. This is going to be a LONG one. You will probably not win this with your slow Formula. Skip it and when done the series come back. Use this to win Driving Park. Auto 20, Final1st 4. Go load it up with everything, including all sports tires. Now take it to this event. I used S2 tires rear, S3's on front. Auto 18, Final 3. Driving Missions Some consider the driving missions the hardest part of the game. Congratulations, you have reached percent completion in the Gran Turismo 4 game. What does this mean?

You have completed and earned gold in every race in the game. If you don't have percent at this point, there are some races that you didn't get a gold in. You still have license tests that you might not have received gold in. Theres plenty of fun trying out Speed setups on the test tracks, and Drag strip times on the drag strip. Not to mention the photo area that you can play with. The 3 skills are machinery, course, and battle skills. It takes a long time to raise your computer driver up enough that he can handle the really hard tracks, but its worth it especially when you can have him run a race while you do other things, then collect the credits and free cars.

If you want to see more detail on B-specs, look at his FAQ. I will just put some basic info to get you started. Exiting this blackscreen puts the speed back to normal, so stay in the screen while doing 3x. First set of points racing these just on nurburing, practice. Do a half dozen laps or so, Speed 2 then 3. I used -8,-3, 3, and 8 A: You'll only get good by experience, so you have to race. Get the above cars if you have them and start B-spec racing in the family cups and Nurburing. As your skills go up you will get better. I won't walk you through the B-spec races, by this time you should know how to race, so get started and get some points under you belt.

I have personally played through this exact list myself with no trouble and I am not that good a driver. People have their favorites, and its alot of fun finding a car that really feels you. Any spelling mistakes I might have missed on the Cars or Tracks. You get the idea. This glass has the ability to change from clear to opaque by flipping a switch. Colorlab Automotive Paints[ edit ] During the development of the Saleen SR in yearSaleen formed a strategic partnership with BASF that resulted in the development of unique paint color formulations coupled with advertising centered around Saleen products.

During this time, the Saleen paint color "Mystic" was formulated which gave the color a chameleoon-like effect. Inthe Saleen race team finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at 24 Hours of Mosport for the third consecutive win and gives Ford its first finish since LeMans in the late s. Adding to their wins, in Saleen won the SCCA Race Truck championship with five victories in six races which moved Saleen into a tie for the most victories in the series 49 and the Manufacturers' Championship. Saleen also won at Watkins Glen International Raceway. For the race season, the racing version of the S7, the Saleen S7R, was introduced.

The S7R dominated racetracks during its inaugural season. Teams driving the S7R achieved 19 wins out of 32 races including the 12 Hours of Sebring. The S7R grabbed 27 poles and set 27 fastest laps, at many tracks, including the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans. It also won 21 poles and set 23 fastest laps. Saleen also began support of formula race teams in Europe.