Gill Mannion Escort

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He was fined one day's pay. Sergeant Johnson has a splendid record and as commanding officer of the Mounted Squad has disciplined his little command to a high state of efficiency. Officer Travers had been sick with consumption for upwards of a year.

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He then attempted to stamp out the fire, but while so doing had his left eye destroyed by a blow from a stone, thrown, it is believed, by Thomas SHIPLEY, a peddler, Gill mannion escort sixteen, of No 27 Emmett street. She lived with him for about six weeks, acting a mother's part to his motherless children securing, as few stepmothers ever do, their love and affection, and was then driven by his harshness and cruelty to rise from a bed of sickness and leave his house, not "for parts unknown", but to seek the protection of her father, Mr. I had not time to put it into my pocket when the sergeant's bell rang. Yesterday morning he was delirious and at nine o'clock last night was so alarmingly ill that the doctor ordered his removal in an ambulance to the City Hospital.