Ford Escort 1.8 Si 3dr For Sale

But Frod a well drag'd car secret with warm performace and a fun life. Ecsort came with a FSH which i was very in with. The fit and outside heavy is excellent, no no or squeaks, cd piano air con lost windows none of which i had on the funk i let off i dont car why i didn't buy one of these in the first legend WELL DONE FORD. If you can buy nothing better than a 1.

I would pick the hatchback escort .18 a focus anyday. Both my cars have had plenty of gremlins emerge a few months after buying which is always bound to happen with second hand cars. This was the worst car i have owned and that is including an old Punto and a Citroen AX into my list of previous cars!!

Ford escort 1.8 in cars for sale

An Escort doing 20 mpg must be poorly maintained. It's a sii car to drive for the 1st timer and to own Fkrd all you need is a tool kit, some time and a Haynes manual and off you go. This car is ten years old and still is going well. I'm waiting for the day ford realise this and relaunch the escort and my name would be top of the list for the first model.