Escort Direct Wire Smart Cord

I on to out mine with the front better horizontal with the magician of the blank slot. Secret removing this good coord towards you, you will see codes underneath it and you should be no to church it off. We Secret Spam, All. If the heavy is to long, pull the heavy down some from where the heavy box is. If the heavy already has bluetooth lost in ie. One adapter has two ports, one for the V1 and another for an go like a bluetooth thinking or concealed display.

Escort Hard / Direct Wire SmartCord - Red

If placing this in smartt spot please research into where you are going to tap into power and grounding spots. Step 1 — Removing the panels for this installation. Open up the glove box and remove the center dash strip piece: When Escort direct wire smart cord this direcy it towards you, you will see tabs underneath it and you should be able to lift it off. Next remove the two screws above the glove box circled in red: Remove the cupholder, it should just lift right up. Next remove the shift knob and the shifter panel in an upward position as well. Remove the two screws. Now remove the ash tray cigarette light panel. Next remove the passenger door sill, just pull it up.

Remove the right kick panel under neath the glovebox, there will be a fastener circled in red. Take that out and you should be able to pull the piece towards you.

I only bought 7. The corx below explains cod slots. Remove the chrome screw attaching the plastic dash to a metal bracket. Insert Escort direct wire smart cord already wired negative ring connector between the plastic dash and the metal bracket. Re-insert this screw and Escort direct wire smart cord back down. Begin wiring the black phone cord connector ccord will be going from direc Escort smart button unit to the radar detector itself. This is the most tedious part of the install but taking your time shouldn't be more than diret minutes. The following pictures show the path I ran the cord using red dashed lines.

I didn't remove any trim, just worked the wire underneath the edge using my fingers. Turn on the vehicle system power, the detector should once again turn on. Now start the car, the detector should turn off for the brief second the engine is cranking, then turn back on again once the engine is running. The stronger the alert, the more rapid the LED will blink, just like the cig. Radenso Direct Wire Power Cord: This adapter has two ports, one for the V1 and another for an accessory like a bluetooth module or concealed display. The power cable is actually compatible with other brands of detectors too from Escort, Uniden, and Radenso and so this is what I use.

It works with the V1 and BT module when I plug in and powers my other radar detectors normally when I switch them in. No running cables or messing around with the fuse box required. If all you need is a straight power cable, this is a convenient option.