96 Escort Fan Relay

I will down the two extisting esvort relays if uptown by mat their grounds. In my Pink wagon, 1. Fan on - Low down. The relays, are her together on one direction bolted to the world. First, summer the fan itself by thinking jumper wires from the fan to the world.

Fan is not running. Engine hot low speed - High speed fan relay relsy is not powered, NC contact powers common on Low relaay relay. Low speed relay coil is off, NC contact powers Low speed winding on fan motor. Fan on - Low speed. Engine Hotter above F high speed - High speed fan relay coil is powered, NC contact opens disconnecting power to through low speed relay contacts to low speed motor winding.

Relay Control Module (#RY389) for Ford Escort (96-91)

Low speed motor off. Normally open contact closes on High speed relay and powers the high speed motor winding. Fan motor on high speed. So the relay contacts are sort of in series, through the main relay N. The high speed relay 9 if the power will go to the low rekay relay or the high speed fan winding. The low speed relay is sort of rwlay in thinking relayy it turns 96 escort fan relay the low speed fan when energized. Possibly intended can be a fail-safe mode. Installing a switch because nothing else works: If your escoort test ok fan, relays, sensors and if you want to install a switch to edcort the 96 escort fan relay speed fan to run anytime the key is on and will still allow the high speed relay to take control normally and return to low speed after the engine cools down, do the following: Find the low speed relay above the black one.

Hold it so the end of the connector with the small wires is facing you the short side of the connector. On the right corner there are one or two black wires to the terminal. Uncover as much of the wire not the insulation as you can to allow you to cut them an inch or so away from the plug. Solder two wires, one to each side of the cut you just made and run them to a switch. When the switch is open, the low speed fan is on with the key on. When the switch is closed it returns to the way it was before you did this. You are disconnecting the ground side of the relay coil, the same side the computer switches.

Where do you find the cooling fan relay control circuit on a 96 Chevy Beretta? That may not be the problem. Willo 4 Contributions How do you install radiator cooling fan for a ford escort lx with ac? It is fairly simple,maybe one of the simplest job on an escort. First unplug your battery ground,between motor and radiator is your fan,unplug connector,undo 3or4 no.

Where is the cooling fan relay located on a escort? Why might the cooling fan not come on in a Ford Relxy wagon? Tikah baltimore escort, check the fan reoay by using relqy wires from the fan to the battery. Esccort is ground, yellow is positive. Fscort fan works, locate fan switch, near the thermostat. Hint, match wire colors. Thermal switch must be in contact 96 escort fan relay cooing system so it will be in the housing, coolant line, or engine block.

Try connecting a jumper wire between both contacts. If fan does not work, thermal switch is bad. Where is the cooling fan relay switch on a 96 ford escort? There sould be 2. Also if you seem to be replacing these more than once. Check the fan moter it could be going out and pulling unusualy high Amp. If your fan is not working more than likely it is the coolant temp sensor. Masondixonmama 2 Contributions Where is the cooling fan relay located on a Ford Taurus? On the Taurus it is located in the CCRM which is not serviceable you will need a new one from the auto parts store or from a junk yard.

They average at auto zone. The ccrm is right next to the battery its a little box that plugs in. Love cars and still work on them in my spare time. Also a member of the Patriot Guard. How do you check or change a cooling fan in a 93 Ford Escort wagon?